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By Luke R. Team Titleist UK

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  1. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Another great offer, unfortunately for me I'm a million miles away from St Ives and have a dodgy shoulder so can't carry however, if you're ever needing any trolley bags tested over winter and would like to conduct a face to face nearer my neck of the woods (Dundee,Scotland) I'd be delighted.
  2. Hi Luke, 11 handicap in Southern Ireland and I play 1-2 times a week in all weather and would be delighted with an opportunity to test a new product. Have had a full bag of Titleist clubs and bag since I took up the game again in 2015.
  3. Alistair W

    Alistair W
    Dunfermline, Fife

    Hi Luke
    I play year round unless the course is closed! I have a Players 4 stand bag which I use in the winter, I use a trolley with a Powakaddy bag in the summer although I’d like to try the trolley with a stand bag on it sometimes.
    Must admit I still prefer carrying but the trolley was a Christmas present and came with the vast bag, which I hate lugging around!
    Please save me with an excuse to go back to a carry bag
  4. Darren N

    Darren N
    Barlby, North Yorkshire

    I currently use a Titleist 5 stand bag and love using it every chance I get. Had it since last Christmas and it has converted me from using my trolley and cart bag. I would love the chance to try out any bag and help with the development and feedback. Fingers crossed I get picked !
  5. AntCatt

    London, 0

    Evening Luke

    I would love the chance to help Titleist with some feedback on new bags.
    I play virtually every weekend and during the week if I can
    I am currently using a Titleist Players 5 Stand bag


  6. Andrew D

    Andrew D
    Wantage, 0

    Hi, I prefer carrying through the year, usually playing twice a week through the winter. I currently use a Sun Mountain H2NO Ultralite stand bag (like the picture) with a Zero G belt, so will be interesting to compare and contrast in comfort and quality.
    Post Image
  7. Wouldn’t it be great if all selected testers receive a TT bag tag too ‍♂️
  8. Hi I am a keen winter golfer. Play of 11 at a private course but also like playing other courses around fife such as the dukes and the Torrance in St. Andrews.
    The carry bag I am using at the moment is a cally hyper-lite that I have had for a few years I also have a cobra cart bag.
  9. Luke,
    Count me in... Would be happy to help.
    Currently alternating between a StaDry stand bag and a new Hybrid 14 stand bag for the winter.
  10. Andrew U

    Andrew U

    Hi, my current carry bag is a left hand version of the Sun Mountain 3.5. I did try a Titleist stand bag but couldn't get on with it.

    So if you have a LH stand bag I would love to test it, I'd buy one instantly so I could have a compete setup.

  11. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, 0

    Hi, I currently have the titleist 4 stand bag, absolutely love it, nice and light weight and has enough room for all my bits, would be very interested in running a test stand bag through its paces and giving you guys some feed back, even though the rain is a bit shocking at the minute up north in leeds I do like to get out on my course for at least 2twice a week and if it's ok with the boss I might try a cheeky 9 holes if I do half a day at work,
    Post Image
    Post Image
  12. James Harris

    James Harris
    Brentwood, Essex

    Hi Luke,
    I'd love to take part. Currently have a 4-UP Staydry and a Players 4. I play throughout the winter months.
  13. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    Hi Luke.

    I’ve just bought a new Sta-Dry cart bag but would always be happy to help compare for you! (It will cost you less if you only have to send it to Peterborough too )

  14. Keen winter golfer, currently playing twice mid week and the nSundays and alternate Saturdays, using a 14 way divider flextech crossover stand bag,
  15. Keen winter golfer, currently playing twice mid week, alternate saturdays plus every sunday, members course is undulating so a good test of the bag and weather conditions in Bedford vary
  16. Wow I thought there wasn't going to be anymore testing from the public on the new line of bags.

    Please count me in

    Love testing anything Titleist.
  17. I think in the UK it is imperative that the bag is waterproof. That's the main reason I bought myself a Stadry 4 plus.

    It's a great looking bag imo.

    I feeling there are a fair few things that can make this better.

    The strap system isn't the best as it pops out a fair bit. The apparel pocket is very tight and it's difficult to get much in it.

    I get the weight in these bags is a main priority so I realise it's hard add things when you don't want the bag any heavier.

    Can't wait to see these bags popping up on here.

    Thanks for thinking of us #TeamTitleist

    Post Image
    Post Image
  18. Hi Luke, Keen winter golfer and total titleist nut

    Currently using scotty Cameron jackpot Johnny stand bag, would love opportunity to test new products

    Can make trip to hq no problem

    Kind regards

    Gavin Scott
  19. Hello,

    I play and carry year round, whatever the weather, but haven’t used a Titleist bag regularly since the SX1. Have tried most of the current range but they all have issues so keep reverting to the big max heaven 7 (small and neat but easily big enough for a full set, waterproof, well placed pockets, pretty sturdy).

    Things that I would like you to consider with the new bag range please:

    * stand system (I don’t like the way the split base pinches the clubs)
    * strap system (the clips are not as good as the older Titleist bags, the straps regularly come loose, the padding is not not particularly comfortable the the clips regularly squeak)
    * apparel pocket - too tight and impinges on the club space (although last year was a big improvement on the previous generation)
    * top - too wide on the smaller bags (eg players 4) which leads to a lot of bag chatter
    * rangefinder pocket - too tight and in the wrong place for easy access, would prefer a convenient clip to hang the case on (currently end up using the top carry handle)
    * hydration pocket - needs to be carved out of the pocket properly
    * raincover (no manufacturer ever gets these right)
    * material - had the stadry 4 plus but the black started peeling off very quickly

    Sorry to be so negative, I am pretty pernickity about my bags!

    Good luck!
  20. Hi Luke
    Would love to put my new T100’s in test bag and give you all the feed back you require
    Only 20 minutes from HQ so returning the bag no issue
    Currently carrying 4 up in tour colours
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