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By Matt S, Team Titleist UK

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  1. Gary S

    Gary S

    Hi Matt
    Would welcome the opportunity to test a Titleist Stand Bag up here in Scotland please? Play two to three times a week during the winter on the Rosemount, Lansdowne and Wee Course at The Blairgowrie Golf Club and so far we’ve had all weathers to contend with except the snow, which I’m sure is on its way. Great offer as usual from TT and “second to none”.
  2. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Hi Matt

    I would be happy to try either bag as I both carry and use a trolley all year round no matter what the Scottish winter throws at me.

  3. Stand bag please! I play all year round as much as I can and I'm really not bothered about the weather.

    I'm not sure if my post worked the first time round.

  4. Hi Matt.

    I would love to test a stand bag.
    I play links golf in Scotland in all weather.

    Many thanks kev
  5. hi Matt I would be happy to try out a cart bag if possible. would like to compare to my 2016 bag

  6. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    Some of my ideas to improve the Stadry Deluxe:-

    1. Move the Bag-Tag away from the brolly slot
    2. 2 Bag -Tags would be good as its a Deluxe Bag.
    3. Handle on the front where the Titleist Badge is to make carrying in and out or a car easier.
    4. Advertise the Cooler Pocket.
    5. Bigger valuable pockets ( Easier to get your hands in)
    6. The double sided raincover is good, but would be nice if it was made of thicker material for that bit of extra protection.

    I briefly managed to talk to Luke a month or so back and put forward my ideas on bags.

    Im extremely keen to get involved in the Reviewing of new bags and love this sort of thing, giving an honest review on new ideas and products. Sorry if this is my 2nd post on the thread. Either bag would be good to test but my preference would be a Cart Bag.


  7. Hi Matt

    Would be great to give the STAND bag a winter work out.


  8. KMikkelsen


    Would like to take part in this.
    I play throughout the sometimes rough winter here in Denmark.
    I have the tour bag, which rests while I game my players 5.

    I remember the survey you guys sent out in regards to what us players like in a bag - so this would be really cool.

  9. KMikkelsen


    Stand bag
  10. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Hi Matt

    I am happy to test either. I use both carry bags and an electric trolley over the winter time.

    I currently use the mid-staff bag on my trolley and the 4up sta-dry bag when carrying.

    I play twice a week in the winter so would be able to collate some good data.

    Many thanks

  11. Hi Matt ‍♂️

    Would love to try out stand bag, I have a cart bag but with these winter wet months ahead a stand bag would be must easier to manage,
  12. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    HI Matt,

    I'd love to test out a STAND bag if possible. Been carrying year round for a few years now, currently with the old StaDry model.
  13. Dave H

    Dave H
    England United Kingdom

    Hi Matt
    Happy to test your bags. Either cart or Carry. Preferably cart as Im using your carry bag from Turnberry.


  14. DClark


    I would like to test a stand bag.
  15. Chloe A

    Chloe A
    Ely, Cambridgeshire

    Hi Matt,

    I'd love the chance to test out a stand bag. I play regularly all year round and it would be good to compare to my 2016 bag.


  16. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    Currently using my mid size tour bag on my cart since my other bag broke a month ago not ideal was waiting to see what Santa brought me, playing 3 times a week in South Wales through the winter with my mates and the seniors of my club Cottrell Park GG just outside Cardiff, would love the opportunity to test a cart bag, thank you for your consideration
  17. Hi Matt

    Happy to be “tester” for Team Titleist - Happy to test STAND BAG - as with most courses will use a stand bag more than cart bag at this time of the year due to the inclement weather

    Dan Baldock
  18. Hi Matt, hope your well!

    I would happily test a STAND bag for you over the winter. Play every week in club winter league mainly!

    Cheers, Ross
  19. Pleae could I have a bag please to test. I play everyday and love golf!!
  20. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    It would be great to have the opportunity to test either of the bags.

    I currently have a stadry cart and 14 way stand bag, which I swap around depending on the weather etc

    Hopefully santa will deliver a stadry carry bag this year to go with my recently purchased AP3 clubs and new wedges.

    I manage to play twice a week through the winter so hopefully by next spring my game will be in a better place and I will look better on it too.
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