DG S200 mean?

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By Luis F

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  1. Gents, I have a golf set S200 from titleist, I have notice this shaft is quite stiff , what is the concept of s200 and different with others shaft? Thanks
  2. Shaun M

    Shaun M
    Singapore, 0

    Hi Luis,

    Firstly apologies for the late reply to your question. Dynamic Gold shafts are separated by weight when they are made. They will fall into either S200, S300 or S400 when a Stiff Dynamic Gold shaft is made. The slightly lighter shafts will be labelled S200 and the slightly heavier will be labelled S400. Those in the middle will be S300. Dynamic Gold is one of the lower launch shafts in the market. If you are looking for a higher launching or softer flex we do have a number of options in our current shaft matrix. 

    0160.Iron Shaft Comparison Chart.pdf

    If you want to come and try any other shaft options in the new AP1, AP2, CB or MB irons be sure to come down to one of our demo days where you can find listed here;


    Thanks Luis


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