It's 2019, you leaving the pin in?

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By Hotsauce

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  1. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    I am leaving the pin in for everything. Our regular group has adopted this policy: you want the pin out, take it out yourself and put it back in after you are done. I have posted 10 rounds so far this year. There has not been a single instance where the pin has prevented a chip shot from being holed out or a putt from going in. It is a time saver as well. Great new rule that is good for the game.
  2. Greg W

    Greg W
    Ledbetter, KY

    Anything outside 2 feet the pin comes out.
  3. I've always done this anyways when I play on my own. It just speeds things up for me which in my opinion is always a good thing. Just find it funny it's taken this long for the officials to work that out.
  4. Parthur

    Marshfield, MA

    I will leave it in for a really slick downhill putt that is reasonably straight. Other than that I am too used to always having it out, including shots/putts from just off the green. I concentrate better on the hole and speed without the pin. That said, I am sure that I will encounter shots here and there that will make me think more about leaving it in.
  5. Hotsauce said:

    Like all avid golfers I've been following the application of the new rules this week. The change I find most intriguing is the flagstick. Obviously if it's a slick downhiller or a tap in, I'm keeping the pin in, but much like Justin Thomas - I just think it will feel awkward with the stick in for most putts.

    With off the green shots I've certainly been helped by the stick, but I've also been robbed by it too. I have yet to play a round this year, but after watching Bryson in Hawaii, and listening to the GC Pundits, I'm considering giving it a shot.

    How about you? Are you going to leave it in?

    I sure like the clank sound when the ball hits and drops in the hole. Just leave it.
  6. SAVS

    Dorset, UK

    Sticking with tradition and taking it out. Unless playing solo then I’ll leave it in.
  7. Probably like a lot on here, it'll be pin out on short putts, pin in on long ones. However, the way the winter is hanging on here, I'll probably need the pin in just to find the snow-covered hole!
  8. I’m on the fence...probably will leave in on longer putts.
  9. I like having another option while on the green. As with any rule change, it is best to figure out how you can use it to your advantage. The 5-6 rounds I've played this year, I've been keeping it in or out depending on the situation. I've generally been keeping it in for long putts and pulling it for short putts. In 2018, my playing partner was standing by the flag tending it. Now, both my playing partner and I are using that extra time to read our putts. As we get closer, then we pull it. I understand both sides of the argument. Some feel it slows pace of play down some say it speeds it up. But as a competitor, i'm just looking at it as having another option.
  10. I leave it in. I have found it much easier, and quicker, to line up putts using the stick as a guide for the line on my ball. Additionally, like others have stated, it has really helped on my depth perception at distance to better judge speed. Missed long putts have been finishing much closer to the hole.
  11. Definitely out or tended from long distance but never in.


    Harder to read putts
    No advantage on a good putt
    Can stop of center cup putts from going in
    Looks and feels strange
  12. John G

    John G
    Napa, CA

    I’ve a been playing with the new rule for a while now and am surprised how many people want to the the pin in. The problem is, that now I’m coming to the realization that it is distracting to me the closer to the hole my putt is. The small sticks on the putting green don’t bother me at all, but for some reason having that big flag in the hole out on the course is bothersome.
  13. Eric L

    Eric L
    Franklin, MA

    I think I responded on this a while ago and played with the pin in...not once but twice in the same round, I may have hit the putt a little too firm and I hit the pin and it kicked out. I wont be leaving in the pin any longer!
  14. Leave in on long putts but anything inside 30 feet its coming out. Had 4 birdie putts hit the flag stick inside 30 feet and not drop which would had done if flag was out
  15. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    We've been playing it in all season and I can only recall 2 of my putts hitting the pin and bouncing off. Both would have been way past with the pin out. It also somewhat increases our pace of play.
  16. I like it in!!! Makes the round go by faster and has not affected any shots... most controversy comes when I golf with someone who wants it out and I don’t think to pull it anymore!!!
  17. Fcar

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Pin is taken out
  18. It totally depends on the look of the put. Little break and down hill I pull it, sharp break uphill I leave it in.
  19. My group has been leaving it in and we’ve had numerous putts hit the pin and jump out. Not just the putts going too fast, but those of moderate speed as well. If the flag is leaning, take it out! If a side hill putt, take it out...hitting the low side of the pin kicks the ball out of the hole on sidehill putts. Leave it in for downhill putts. This is our best practice after too many putts hitting the pole and popping out.
  20. Leaving it in has been my choice for most rounds, but last weekend I hit a putt solid center and the pin kicked it out. It was in a tourney. Everyone in my group agreed it would have fallen without the pin. It cost me a stroke and a par, so I might reconsider on certain putts and situations.
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