M Grind vs the S Grind

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By Justinu3

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  1. Justinu3
    Clive, IA

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    So I’ve always played the M for my sand wedge (56 bent to 55 currently).

    I do open the face some on my sand shots. Not as much for shots around the green (occasionally I do depending on what I’m doing).

    Can I open up the face on the S for a bunker shot like M? Or won’t it work well?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    I was amazed how much can go into a wedge fitting to get the grind for your shot shaping and local soil conditions. My local bunkers are nothing like the bunkers at TPI, but they do vary locally based on the amount of local clay has seeped into the sand. It's hard to quantify "open the face some" so getting fit for your common shots around the green at or near you primary course will give you the best answer.
  3. Lou G
    San Diego, CA

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    I have a 54-10S (bent to 53) and 58-08M. Both will work in a bunker. The S grind is easier in hard sand and tighter lies. M grind is better out of thick grass.

    The bounce on the 08M grind is a bit deceiving. Do an eye ball of both and one will see more bounce on the leading edge of M grind.
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    Hey Justin, I have the S grind on my 56 and have hit my buddy’s M Grind 56. I found that the S is good from bunkers if you like to hit down on it, however if you like to keep your swing shallow, the M is better. All in all they are both good grinds from the traps, they do vary depending on attack angle.

    Hope this helps!

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