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By DPatel

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    Got a new set of SM7 vokeys a few weeks ago, my 60 degree wedge has got what looks like some rust spots on the face, this shouldn’t happen should it? It doesn’t wash off with soap and water. Do I need to go back to the shop and get it replaced?

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    If the club head is a "Raw finish" it's not uncommon to see some rust show up.
  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Most of the pros use the raw finish because they want the rust. It helps keep glare off the club and some think the rust on the face creates a bit more bite against the ball, imparting more backspin. If yours is the chrome finish, you may have a problem. If you have the raw finish, rust is normal.
  4. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    Yeah, the black finish is basically the "raw" finish and it will rust as you use it. I like it as I'll take every bit of friction I can get for the spin around the greens
  5. Hotsauce
    Georgetown MA

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    Nope. This is normal.

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