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By Dave C.

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    I had the privilege of being at the Titleist Performance Institute recently to experience the new Vokey SM7 wedges. First , let me say that the new SM7’s are fabulous. It’s hard to imagine how Bob Vokey and his team can constantly hit home runs but they have again. Second , I think it’s safe to say that if you haven’t been fit for wedges , your at a scoring disadvantage to all of us who have. Wedges are everyone’s scoring clubs , irrespective of handicap. By the end of my fitting , I was hitting all shots considerably better ie chips , pitches , rough , bunker and full shots. And , hard to imagine, but everything was simply easier . My swings were the same but now all the wedges fit and maximized my swing type . I left the process more excited and confident about my ability to score than ever before. I can’t wait to put these new SM7’s in play !

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    You can find a certified Titleist SM7 fitter near you - www.vokey.com/get-custom-fit.aspx

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    Glad to hear you enjoyed your fitting experience. I am looking to get fit at a Titleist Thursday in the spring. Looking forward to hitting SM7s and going through the fitting process.

  4. joe t
    roseville, MI

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    The new SM7 wedges are definitely going into my bag this year. Replacing my SM5 wedge, and my AP1 gap wedge.
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    Getting fitted at the end of March for the new sm7s. And I can’t freakin wait!
    Lafayette, LA

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    Thanks for sharing! Can not wait to upgrade to the SM7's!

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