Jet Black SM7 in Left-Handed?

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By David ARK

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  1. David ARK
    Sayville, NY

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    Would like to know if the Jet Black finish is available for us southpaws? The website is a bit unclear and they are not available to pre-order on any of the big online retailers sites. I really like the look of these and would like to order asap. Thanks!

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    As a LH, I've yielded "No Mas" to large retailers. They rarely publish LH products available from Titleist. While I work with a local pro shop, if you don't have one, one brick and mortar pro shop that has an internet site is d.b.a Discount Dan's. You have to call them by phone for Titleist products. But try to support your local pro shop. You might even be surprised by the price if you are connected to them.
  3. Rob V
    Indio, CA

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    As another LH player, I too, have to rely on ordering nearly all of my clubs. I use Roger Dunn mostly where I live in the Palm Springs area of California. They will call Titleist and order what I am asking for. Roger Dunn is part of Worldwide Golf. What I like about them is they have a 90 day return policy at 100% of the purchase price on credit. It is the only way I am able to really demo LH clubs. They, likewise are ordering LH SM7 Black wedges for me.
  4. David ARK
    Sayville, NY

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    Just a heads up guys. Already received word from Cathi that the Jet Black finish IS available in left-handed.
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    Thanks for posting back. Titleist does a great job offering almost all clubs and options for us southpaws.

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