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By Len D

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  1. Len D

    Len D

    It's cold and rainy in New England, and the courses are all closed. but, on the bright side, my birthday is coming up soon and I was thinking wedges!

    I was wondering what combinations of lofts people are using these days. Since my 716 API PW is at 43 degrees, I was thinking of adding a gap wedge at 48 degrees and then either:

    A SW at 54 degrees, and a LW at 60, or a second gap wedge at 52, and a SW at 56.

    'Opinions anyone? Thanks!

  2. Tim D

    Tim D
    kokomo, IN

    I also play AP1 and will picking up three new SM7 in the following lofts. 48,52 and a 56.
  3. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Hey Len D. Love my Vokey wedges. I have the pitching and wedge 1 from my AP1s. Then I put a 52 and a 56 in my bag. I'm sure It's a individual thing. Good luck with yours. And a early Happy Birthday to you.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. Scott D

    Scott D

    Those sound like real nice birthday gifts! I personally keep a 4 degree difference between my wedges. Gap 50 degrees, SW 54 degrees, and LW 58 degrees. What ever you choose you can not go wrong with Vokey Wedges.
  5. I would base my decision on the distances you want to hit. So, for example, if you hit a full PW 120 yds, do you want the next club to be your 110 yd club? If yes, which loft will give you that distance, and so down the line.
  6. I bought a set of C16's recently and the PW is also 43 deg. It also came with a Wedge that is 48 deg. I already had a 60 deg wedge so I added a 54 deg. My thought was that if I find the gap too big I can drop the 60, which is getting old, and replace it with a 58 deg. If you add a 52 and a 56 you can always change the 56 to a 58 later.
  7. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    I also have AP1's and did the same thing. W-wedge 48, SW-54,LW-60. Just make sure you get the right grind for you, which of course should be done thru a fitter.
  8. Len,

    I also play the 716 AP1s. My wedge set up is as follows, PW@43*, Vokey Gap@46*(bent to 47*), Vokey Gap@52*(bent to 51*), Vokey SW@56*. One reminder, if you choose to adjust the lofts of whatever wedges you pick be sure you pay attention to the bounce as it will change also. Good luck and have fun deciding.

    Mark F
  9. Len D

    Len D

    Thanks everyone! I think I will go with 48-54-60. Gotta have a 60 in the mix!
  10. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    I'm a 52 and 58 man myself. Both 10-12 deg bounce. Closed there's no problem on tight turf, but using the bounce and opening up, allows me to make some great shots and stop it out of the rough near the greens, out of the bunkers and out of tight turf when I want to not dig in and get it close and stop. The best wedges I've found after trying them all
  11. I would recommend about 3 or 4 wedges and make sure that you don't have any huge gaps between them. Many people like to play 4 degrees difference with their wedges. I personally do a 6 degree.
  12. David C

    David C
    Vicenza, Italy

    i have always gapped my Vokeys at 4* increments. For me that is what works best. My Vokeys are as follows: 48*, 52*, 56*, and 60*. Unless the course is very short I usually don’t carry all of them.
    It all boils down to each individual need. Find your yardage gaps on the range. Once they are filled and you get used to hitting them you will lower your score.
    120 yards and in is where you can make up shots. Good luck!
  13. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    My current setup is 49-57-64 (50-08, 60-12K and a Mack Daddy 64/8). The bounces are just right.

    I've had PW-50-54-58-62. Too confusing.

    Another good setup was AP1 PW, SM4 54-11, SM4 60-10M (bent to 59).

    48-54-62 also worked.

    In 2007-2010, 50-58-64 worked well. I had a Vokey 258-12.

    I can manage a 20 yard gap.

    Lafayette, LA

    Would go for the 716 AP1 Gap wedge (47*) then go for a 52, 56 or 58

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