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By Davide C

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    Quick question. IF I were to go with AMT Black S300 shafts in my new irons, would I be able to put those shafts in my wedges? I'm planning to go with 718 CB's up to 9 iron and then 48-52-56-60 wedges in F and S grinds.

    I'm afraid the S200's would be too drastic of a weight change.

    Thanks in advance David

  2. Paul C

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    Hi Davide,

    I've just ordered AP3's with AMT Black R300 shafts along with two SM6 Vokey wedges and have had the AMT Black shafts put in those also.
    I hope that helps.

    Good luck

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  4. chris b
    Leesburg, VA

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    If you could that would work better. Since AMT's around the wedge weight will be around 116g, the S300 will be around 127 - 130g, that's a considerable weight difference ... unless of course you prefer a heavier shaft in the wedges.
    I went with the AMT Black in my AP3's and have the DG Spinner shafts in my wedges. Heavier weight & added backspin (about 700+ more rpm) ... they work for me.
    Best to go hit them & see the numbers on Trackman & see how the ball reacts with the different shafts.

    Good Luck on your quest!
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    Really depends what you’re going to be using the vokeys for. I have soft stepped Dynamic Gold X100 in my 3-pw and also in my 52, but S400s in my 56 and 60 SM5s. I tend to take more full shots with my 52; I have had a few sets of irons/wedges over the last 15 years but have always gone with this setup and enjoyed it. You may want to have your local clubfitter look into putting soft stepped (8 iron s300) shafts into your wedges. As mentioned above, the trackman will tell all!

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