Please explain how a 60* goes farther than a 58*

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By Pete D

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  1. Pete D

    Pete D
    Haverhill, MA

    After several years playing a SM5 58.08 M grind as my most lofted wedge, I changed to a SM6 60.12 K grind for better playability in the sand.

    I had gone from 60* to 58* for a little more distance on full swings from the fairway, but now I'm finding I hit my new 60* K grind farther than I used to hit the 58* M grind.

    Can anyone explain that? My suspicion is that there's a much bigger flange on the K grind and possibly more mass right behind the hit.

    Just thought I'd ask...

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I am guessing they have identical shafts? That would be the most likely reason, a difference in shaft weight or flex that better matches your swing.
  3. Jonathan K

    Jonathan K
    Advance, NC

    With shafts being equal, I would likely say that it's due to the bounce on you new 60 degree. To go from an 8 degrees of bounce to 12 is very different. If you get steep on your 58 with less bounce it's likely that you are hitting much higher on the clubface resulting in a shorter shot.
  4. Quintin H

    Quintin H
    Morehead, KY

    SM6 has progressive center of the loft goes up so does the cg, which keeps flight lower(more distance) and more spin.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Just to add yet another opinion, SM6s introduced progressive center of gravity. This impacts the higher and lower lofted wedges (46-So and 58-62). So the SM5 58 and the SM6 60 are not the same animal for comparison.
  6. Pete D

    Pete D
    Haverhill, MA

    Thanks for the great feedback! Whatever the reason, I love this K grind!

    I made the change because the sand where I play is heavy construction sand (course owned by a construction company!) so the extra bounce has been helpful.

    I was recently in Florida with much lighter white sand and found my new wedge very helpful there too, and less digging on pitch shots on those tight Bermuda lies!
  7. Your shaft weight may be lighter in the new wedge and also maybe the new grinds. I would recommend bending your 60 degree down to a 59 degree for a higher spin rate and more control.
  8. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    You're pretty accurate in that assumption. There is more mass at the bottom of the wedge with the 60-12K grind.

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