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By Ryan B

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  1. I just got the new AP3 irons (4-w48) after hitting the same blades for years. I love the new irons! My old wedge set went PW, 52, 56, 60. Now with the 48 in my bag with the AP3s I'm wondering how to adjust my wedges. I've already decided I can do without the 56. I'm thinking either going 48,52,58 or 48,54,60. I know the 48,52,58 setup fills the gaps better---but I'm hesitant to ditch my 60!! So I guess my question is, should I keep the 60 in the bag because I'm comfortable with it?? or worry more about the yardage gaps and trust that I'll be just as good with a 58??

  2. MG_TX

    Katy, TX

    Similar situation as you, so i bent the set 48* to 46* and went 50F/54M/58K. IMO the 58 will do all the 60 will and bending the 48* will help gap better into the PW.
  3. Steve N

    Steve N
    Chapin, SC

    I was in the exact same situation with my AP1's. I just hit the Volkey 48 so much better than the AP1 gap wedge and the Volkey 50. I ended up going with 48, 54 & 60 (gotta have the 60!). I know the gaping looks large for the end of the bag, but my 60 is very versatile (70 yds to 6" & sand). 54 is also a good club for multiple trajectories (100 yds and less) as well as the long runner sand shot.


    Depends on what you have in your bag. If you have Driver, 3 wood, you might have a gap from your 3 wood (15 degrees) to your 4 iron (22 degrees) that you might want to add a club to fill in the gap.

    If you don't want to fill in that gap, I would stick with your AP3 PW (43 degree), AP3 GW (48 degree), 52, 56, and 60 degree setup (nice 4-5 degree gap in your wedges) for your 14 club setup.

    If you add another long iron/hybrid into your bag, I would go with the AP3 PW (43 degree), AP3 GW (48 degree), 54, and 60 degree setup (nice 5-6 degree gap in your wedges) for your 14 club setup.

  5. Kenneth C

    Kenneth C
    Bellevue, WA

    I think the question is how comfortable are you with the AP3 48 wedge? It will cover a bit more of a gap between it and a 54, if you go that route. But, both setups will work, and, if you go with the 54 wedge, you only need to buy 1 new wedge. Personally, I went 52 and 58, along with the AP3 48, since, I already I had the 52 and 58.
  6. thanks for the responses fellas! I decided to bag a new 54, so now my wedges go PW, 48, 54, 60. So far so good! Now if I could only do something about this cold weather!!!!!
  7. Where can I get a ap3 48 degree wedge with a kbs regular shafts
  8. Where can I get a ap3 48 degree wedge with a kbs regular shaft
  9. Dan S

    Dan S
    Westchester, IL

    Just saw the thread and I have a AP3 set. Coming off AP1/AP2 combo and fairly new SM6 50,54,58. I did not buy the 48 GW with my set and saved $160+ bucks. Instead bought a 48 SM6 after a trade to the PGA SS for my 50. Then bent 54 to 53.
    playing :PW(43), 48, 53, 58.... 5 degree gaps

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