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By MDeGregorio

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  1. I'm going to upgrade my wedges. Will be purchasing 50, 54, 58 degree SM6 wedges. Just curious about the bounce... For the 50 degree, I will get an 8 degree bounce. But I am just wondering what the preferred bounce would be for the sand & lob wedge. I currently play the sand wedge as a mid bounce and the lob wedge with a high bounce. im wondering if i should switch so that the 54 is a high bounce, while the 58 would be a low bounce.

    The 54 has options for bounce of 8, 10, & 14 degrees. While the 58 has options of 4,8,10,12. my initial thought was to go with 54.10 & 58.12. But now im thinking maybe 54.14 & 58.04


  2. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Over the past 5 or 6 years, I played my many sets of Vokeys the way you are considering, with a high bounce 56 and low bounce 60. However, when I switched to the new SM6s early this year, I decided to go with a 50.08 F grind gap wedge, a 54.10 S grind sand wedge (which I rarely use from a bunker) and a 58.12 K grind, which has turned into my favorite wedge. The 58 K is awesome out of the sand with its wide sole. I don't miss my old 60.07 lower bounce LW at all. I can do virtually anything I used to do with the 60.07, with the new 58.12 K, plus it is a bunker monster. I use the 54 and 58 for both chipping and pitching, while the 50* is mostly used for chipitches and uphill chips. I also get more yardage from the stronger lofted wedges on full swings, by about 8-10 yards each on the 54 and 50, and about 5 more with the 58 vs the old 60.

    The SM6s are fantastic. And I am so happy I switched all my wedges down by 2* each. It is really making a positive difference in my game this year. I had a round last week where I got up and down for par 9 of 11 tries with 2 of 2 sand saves. (Of course, on the other hand, that means I missed too many GIRs.)
  3. RJohnson

    Cleveland, Oh

    I got the 60/12 K grind. I was a little skeptical at first with 12 of bounce, but the K grind is like cheating. I can hit it off tight fairways, around the greens, but in bunkers, it is stupid easy to get it close. Give it a test, great wedge.
  4. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I would prefer your second thought...higher bounce with the 54 and lower with your 58....but you also must consider the grind. They go more about it on the Vokey or Titleist websites.
  5. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    You will be amazed with the new grinds SM6 presents today. Prior to my fitting for SM6 wedges, I was in the same trend of thought, but after, it was all changed and I was schooled for my best fit and so now I couldn't be happier. I'd recommend the same- schedule yourself in a Titleist Thursday and have the professional fitter help find the best possible combinations in a set of wedges for your game.

    Also in my bag are are 50F 54M & 58M. Bounces and grinds are all a personal fitting qualities- they can be the same or very different for each of us.

    In addition, ask about the shaft while you are at it. A sub flex helps or it helped me. I just read that in one of Bob Vokey's Q & A for more feel.

    Good luck.
  6. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    I just picked up the 52 with 12* of bounce. I usually use 8*, but I just really liked the 12* on this club. I'm more of a sweeper with chip shots, but I'll use my 52 mostly for full swings. I've already noticed a difference in the type of shots I can hit with more bounce. I'm a big fan. Head to a fitting event and check it out.
  7. Jaesung83

    Annapolis, MD

    I'm in the same boat as you are. I just got a sm6 wedge, 50* 12 bounce F grind. From my PW is 47*, im going with about 4* gap though my wedges. Thinking of getting a 54*, 58* also. And also debating on what grind and bounce to get them in. I would like to hear what people have to say on their experience on their wedges they got. Thanks.
  8. Milo B

    Milo B
    Casnovia, MI

    I have been playing all summer with the SM6 wedges and love them.
    It took me some time when I got to the 58* like someone said the 58* K grind was so easy out of the sand and deep ruff, but I had a tough time on full swings.
    I tried the M-S grinds too, both work great out of the sand also. So I settled on
    46*F 50*F 54*M 58*S

    Plus I had my best year ever in one putts because of my wedge play, and this is the first year I played Titleist wedges.

  9. decided to go with 2 SM6s with a 50.08, & 54.10. And then kept my SM5 58.11. thanks for all the help everyone.
  10. Dan S

    Dan S
    Westchester, IL

    I went 48.08 F, 54.14 F(bent to 53), 58.08 M. 5° gaps, & stayed with the F grinds because it has the most versatility in the collection. I play 10+ different courses each season.

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