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By P_Lamps

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  1. P_Lamps

    Hoboken, NJ

    Let me preface by saying, this may be a classic case of blame the Indian and not the arrow. That said, I recently upgraded all my wedges. Picked up a 50.08 F Grind, 54.10 S Grind (bent to 55*) and a 60.04 L Grind. I was previously playing some older SM wedges in a 54.11, 58.08 setup. If I had to describe the older grinds, the 54 was probably closer to a F and the 58 was closer to a M.

    Anyway, I purchased new wedges because my grooves were pretty worn out after a few years. I got fitted at a Regional Fitting Center in New York, which was overall a great experience. Now, my old 54.11 was a go-to club (felt great around the greens, full shots, pitches, chips, etc.). I I had excellent control (distance and trajectory). Here is the problem, I cannot control the 54.10 S Grind for the life of me on full shots and around the greens. On full shots, I will sometimes slide under the ball and hit it too high on the face. Other times, I find myself making contact with the ball too close to the hosel. Other times, I hit it way too fat. I also cannot hit low driving high-spinning shots with it. Some pitches are okay at times (albeit the feel of overall control is missing), but overall, I have no confidence with this club. I am fine with all the other wedges. For comparison sake and out of frustration, the other day, I took my old 54.11 out the other day and was totally comfortable on all shots. I was seeking out pins to the same level of skill I had in the past.

    So . . .I am I just making excuses here? The fact that my old club and the other wedges perform well makes me think it is not "me". I consider myself a decent golfer (playing to a 12 right now) and my swing is pretty repeatable. But this S Grind, especially on full shots, has been the the death of me. Has anyone else had big problems when switching grinds?

    Any thoughts on whether I should purchase something else? Anyone else having these problems on full shots? I am generally a low bounce wedge player, but I wonder if the 54.14 F grind may be the right one for me. . . The only other option right now is to eliminate full shots with the 54 S Grind and only use the 50 F grind.

    Appreciate any help TT.

  2. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I have not, the S Grind is a go to grind for full shots period. That being said, it probably more of a function of the amount or lack there of relative to bounce...

    IMHO, Hope that helps...
  3. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    54.10 bent one degree stronger, will yield one degree lesser from the bounce also, it will be 55.9. I'm not sure if that's what's causing you the problem because you're okay with the 50.08F. S grind is a full shot- square face position.

  4. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I am curious (since you mentioned hitting close to the hosel) have you checked the lie of your old club to the lie of the new club? At the fitting did they recommend something other than a standard lie? Are they both the same length? sometimes newer clubs are shorter & different lie. You also mentioned you bent the new one to 55. Is your old club bent to 55 also?
    Just giving you some things to look at.

  5. Mike R

    Mike R
    San Diego, CA

    P_Lamps: I've experienced just what you have experienced moving from SM4s to SM5s. I had a nifty set of SM4 54.14 and 58.9 wedges that worked nicely with Rifle Spinner shafts but wore them out. I did a fitting for new SM5s of similar grinds a few years ago and all seemed fine at the fitting. However, later found I couldn't hit an array of full shots the 54 on the course (58 was fine). I eventually ended up with a SM5 TVD 54 K (using the trial and error method) with both clubs re-shafted with NS Pro 8950GH. That did the trick! A slightly lighter, softer shaft was needed. I played them for nearly two before wearing them out.

    I just went through a fitting for SM6 wedges and had to move to 56.14F and 60.12K with the NS Pro shaft to get the same results on the range. We'll see what happens when I get them on the course.

    So, it seems getting the arrow and bow to fit the archer is trickier with wedges. What's more, what works with one wedge version with one golfer and one brand/model of shaft isn't translated well to the next iteration of wedge. Fitting and on course testing the entire package is more critical now more than ever it seems.

    I hope that makes you feel better.

    Mike R
  6. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    I went through the same type of issue when I changed wedges and learned that it is not the arrow...

    The problem I found, was that giving up a club you feel so very confident in is very difficult. Going to a new club that may be better might be great, but you become convinced by positive experiences and those take time. After a couple bad shots that you never would have made with your old wedge, you start believing that there must be something wrong with the club, but there isn't! You probably are just doing something to sabotage your shot to prove your inner-self that your old club is better. :-O

    You need to do what whatever it takes to get your brain to believe that this new club is better, because it is.

    Not easy for such a head-game game that we all play!
  7. Matt B

    Matt B
    Columbus, OH

    I would get a lie angle fitting, it sounds like they may be too upright (fat shots / high face) I play my wedges 1* - 1.5* flat, my swing plane is not as steep now & contact, direction & trajectory is much improved. I play the 52.8F - 54.10S - 60.12K, I enjoy having the different bounce options around the green fro different turf conditions.
  8. P_Lamps

    Hoboken, NJ

    I think the lie angle is great advice. I am currently 1 degree upright (from full swing lie board testing). All my irons are 2-2.5 degrees upright. I do think a flatter lie will help and am bending that now.

    Also need to investigate the M grind. This is getting expensive buying all these wedges based on trial and error. I just find testing the wedges in the store does not give you the variety of shot/grass conditions you need to really settle on a wedge . . . :(

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