Remember the Spin Milled 54.11?

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By BHutto

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  1. For several years (until I retired my DCI 990's in 2012) my wedges were the old Spin Milled 50.08, 54.11 and 60.07. Since switching to png irons I've been using the wedges from my iron set but now I'm itching to return to "real wedges".

    Does anyone remember the sole shape on the old SM54.11 and have an opinion on how it compares to the 54/10 (S grind) and/or 54/14 (F grind). Nowadays I'm a true believer in the "bounce is your friend" religion so I assumed the 14-degree F-grind would be the way to go. But looking them over in the store, the sole on the 14-degree F model seems way more squared off and just too much bounce compared to my old middle wedge.

    I actually think the 10-degree S grind looks kind of like an SM54.11 with added heel and toe relief (which in honesty is neither here nor there for my game). I'm thinking a 54/10S bent a degree weak will be a good approximation of what I'm used to.

    For the other two wedges I'm going with the 60/11 K-grind and 50 or 52 degree F grinds so I'll have two wedges with all the bounce I'd ever want. In a weird way it makes sense not to get too carried away with a third high bounce wedge in between. Not that I ever try to slide the club under the ball delicately but a bit of variety may be a good thing.

  2. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    You seem very knowledgeable. I give you that!
  3. Thanks Gabriel but I fear I'm more "obsessive" than actually in-the-know, if you know what I mean...
  4. Ray M

    Ray M
    Airdrie, AB.,

    Sounds confusing. Maybe a fitter can be the remedy
  5. Sorry for all the extraneous detail. Really I was just wondering if either the current F or S grinds would be similar to my old Spin Milled 54.11 sand wedge.

    I picked up an SM5 56/10 S-grind and spent a few hours yesterday trying it out around the practice green and on the course. Plays similar to how I remember my old 54.11 on full shots with the face squared up (except a bit shorter because of the higher loft).

    What's different about the S-grind is how it doesn't feel like the bounce increases when I open the face. I guess that's the heel/toe/trailing edge relief doing its thing.

    Works real well for hitting that choked-down, slightly open face soft spinning from 70 yards or so. But from bunkers I think I'll be sticking to a lob wedge, there just isn't enough bounce for my steep-ish bunker swing and I can't add bounce by opening the face.

    Interesting wedge, that S-grind. I also got the 60/11 K-grind and 52/12 F-grind and both of those work pretty much as expected. Very nice, especially the 60.
  6. If i remember correctly wasn't it near an M grind?
  7. I've never used an M grind but they look pretty skinny to me, visually. My memory of the SM 54.11 was it's a bit thicker in the sole.

    After a couple more rounds and an hour or two around the chipping green I'm convinced the SM5 54.10 S-grind is not for me. Maybe it's not at all like my old 54.11 or maybe my swing has changed but the S doesn't work.

    Love, love, love my 60.11 K-grind. The 52.12 F-grind is OK. The 54.10 would take way more time to figure out than I'm willing to invest.

    I'm thiiiiis close to ordering a WedgeWorks 54 K-grind and just going with the 54 and 60 K's along with the gap wedge from my png iron set. If the 54K plays anything like my 60K it would be the perfect sand/lob set for my game.
  8. P_Lamps

    Hoboken, NJ

    I had the exact same issue!!! Bringing back an old thread here, but what did you end up with?

    I also loved the old SM 54.11 and, similar to you, I picked up a 54.10 S Grind and bend weak it to 55. I had a fitting and the fitter recommended bending the 54 weak instead of bending the 56 strong because "bounce is your friend". I'm not quite sure that is true. I find that the trailing heal relief is an issue when you increase the bounce and I slide under the ball too much when the wedge engages the backside bounce/relief . This results in short chip (and even mid range sometimes) shots being bladed, which kills all confidence with the wedge. I picked up a 56.14 F grind (also bent to 55) and while better, I find it to be just too much bounce. I think that the 56.10 S grind bent strong may be the way to go. I am also considering the M grind (but I have no clue whether to get the 54 or 56 M grind.

    Really would appreciate any help from the TT members!


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