New 2021 TSi3 and TSi2 woods

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By Paul H

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  1. Paul H

    Paul H
    Wexford, Ireland

    Hi, Anyone know when the new woods are out. Really looking forward to trying them out and want to arrange a fitting asap. Nearest fitting centre in Carton house, Ireland. Thanks Paul

  2. On gwrx they said 12th of October, lots of fittings happening already for certain people , seen YouTube post from Germany from a fitting . Took a chance booked 13th oct with Mark in carton
  3. Hi guys, we will be fitting in the National Fitting Centres from the 22nd October
  4. Luke,
    When are they scheduled to filter down to the Approved Fitting Centres and the wider public?
  5. Hi all, will my shaft on my 915fd 3 wood fit a newer model I.e ts2?
  6. Does anyone know the RRP of these.

    I've a driver fitting at st Ives on the 6th and can't decide if it's better to go and get fit for the TS2 knowing its price will have been reduced or reschedule and get fit for the new stuff.

    Cheers all
  7. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Haven’t got the answer to your question but not I can wait to get to St Ives and try them out

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