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By MattH

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  1. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    Hi everyone. I’ve taken the opportunity this week to escape from dreary Cambridgeshire to the bright lights of St Andrews. One thing I hadn’t accounted for was the wind. I was fitted a couple of years ago for the ProV1x and this was re-validated for my club fitting last year in St Ives.

    Following my first round on the Eden Course on Monday, I really struggled to control the ball in the cross winds which was whipping it miles from the pin and even out of bounds on a couple of occasions. Before my round on the Old Course on Tuesday I got myself a couple of sleeves of AVX and I’ve found it much easier to keep the ball on (close to ) the fairways and greens.

    I was wondering do any of you change the balls you play for the weather conditions?

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  2. Matt,
    During the summer I generally shuffle between Tour Soft & AVX depending upon my humour and the degree of difficulty of the course (Don't want to fritter away my AVX's!)
    In winter, I put Velocity in play, sometimes even in an "exotic" colour if it's easier to see against the grass. Winter golf is not an exact science, after all.
    If the weather is rough in summer, I might scale back to a Velocity.

    Besides, with my Velocity mug now in play, I feel a vested interest in the Velocity.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Absolutely. When I take trips to Bandon Oregon I carry some yellow AVX balls. It’s the closest thing we have to Scottish golf in the USA. I play it in the winter so most days are cold, wet, and breezy. Not only does the AVX lower spin help me flight it down, the yellow color really helps me see the ball in foggy or misty conditions.

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