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By IWest

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  1. Anyone got any positive/ negative opinions on these bags? Considering a purchase ready for the winter but would appreciate some owner input please?

  2. Tosh.


    Great bag, well built & very sturdy but I find it a bit heavy after about 14/15 holes. But that’s just me.....
  3. Tosh,
    My dear old thing - I thought Irn Bru sustained all you blokes north of Hadrians Wall??
  4. Tosh.


    Only if there’s a wee dram in there.
  5. Tosh.


    Plus I put too many balls in it and other unneeded crap in the pockets
  6. Tosh
    Take out the decanter and replace it with a hip flask????

    I had a StaDry carry bag from when they first came out but I wore it out the other week and I am still debating whether I need to replace it or just carry the Hybrid 14.
    Tried carrying a stripped down miz "Twister" carry bag (side pockets can be taken off )
    While the miz was a lighter it was more of a faff to get the clubs back in and it wasn't as comfortable as the Hybrid 14. Was there a StaDry Hybrid 14?? That would have been a good option.
  7. Tosh.


    As the wise old JT says I’ve went for a stadry one for winter as it’s smaller and lighter, less pockets to stash stuff in, I don’t use all my clubs in winter so it’ll be a lot lighter than the hybrid but I will miss the 14 way divider....
  8. IW
    I got one for my birthday in April 2019 and I'm still using it.
    I posted at the time and, as luck would have it, it has just come up again today as someone asked about fit on the trolley. Have a look on that thread as well, but here's my thoughts.
    As a balanced approach, I've found the following: -
    *14 slots *Not StaDry material
    *Lots of pockets *Heavy to carry if fully loaded
    *Big ball pocket *Some have had issues fitting to trolley
    *Great stand mechanism *Strap adjusters can slip
    *Relatively light unladen
    *Fits my Motocaddy trolley
    *Comfy shoulder straps
    *Can be single strap
    *Great looking bag

    In summary, the Hybrid 14 is a great all-round bag with excellent organisation and ample storage.
    If you intend to carry during winter in the UK, it might be worthwhile considering a StaDry option from the Titleist range. These are less weight and more weatherproof. The trade off is the 14 v 4 organisation features.
    Hope this helps
  9. Thanks for the replies. Have been using a stadry 5 but the zips are rubbish really. Only 18 months old and 3 zips broken and can’t be repaired. Just ordered the new premium staff stand bag, being delivered in November. Hopefully this is more robust

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