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By Brazeley

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  1. Hi, Does anyone know where i can get the headcovers that Titleist and a number of retailers are showing in their stock images. They are all black rather than the Jet leather headcovers with the red trim?

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  2. Golf support maybe. Unfortunately these were brought out a while back so chances are they will be out of stock now.

    Hope you find some ebay might be a good shout though.
  3. If you google 'Titleist Noir Deluxe headcovers', then you'll find them. Good luck!
  4. Never mind, the quilted ones are pretty tasty... and they are becoming scarce too.
  5. Looks like they are now on the US Titleist site as a new release rather than the previous Noir Deluxe series. Just not a UK release - although its look like the US just got alot on new gear which is not available in the UK yet.

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