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By iain m

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  1. iain m

    iain m

    Looking for everyone's opinion on the current carry strap fitted to the 2019 bags? I have a 2018 carry bag with the material square in between the straps unlike the 2019 carry bag, which has a plastic clip. For me the 2018 bag is more comfy to carry

  2. Lefty

    Hertfordshire, UK

    I'm pretty sure the 2018 and previous 2017 stand bags had the plastic between the straps and 2016 bags had the material. Mine is a 17/18 Stadry stand bag with the plastic.

    Is the actual strap material the same or did they change the design?
  3. Denis C

    Denis C

    Have not noticed any problem with the clip when carrying but I never had the previous bags with the material insert.
    The purpose of the plastic clip is really good however I notice a similar clip used on the motocaddy stand bag allows the straps to move more freely resulting in a really comfortable fit while carrying. Just a small point but might be something to improve in future.
  4. Benjamin R

    Benjamin R
    Germany, NRW

    Have the 2019 Hybrid 5 Standbag. Everything ist fine and comfortable. Rly love this Bag when i need to carry.
  5. AAsh


    The new carry system on the 2019 bag range is great most of the time I remove my straps and have the bag on my electric trolley !
  6. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    I have changed to the 2019 Hybrid 14 version and I have found it to be very ease to use and comfortable to carry,
    it also sits well on my trolley.

    I used it in Turkey recently and I carried several days. It is a littel heavier that my previous bag but I like the 14 way dividers.

    I only tend to carry when the weather is poor, as I have a stadry trolley bag for general play.

  7. I've gone back to my old Titleist staff stand bag straps so much comfier, I find the new bags with the plastic clips not as good, straps always slip out and the straps are constantly tangled
  8. As you can see from the pic, I have a Hybrid 14 but I'm still using an old StaDry stand bag if it looks like it's going to chuck it down. They are both great to carry as long as the straps are at the right length for a short horse like me!
    I've managed to secure them in place at the right length without chopping webbing strap off. Easier to do on the Hybrid 14 as the straps are detachable.
    Not noticed any comfort issues with the plastic crosspiece, though it can move about on the straps.
    Have to say, I do like to carry and both of these are light-weight and comfortable.
  9. For me the new strap system just doesn’t compare for comfort against the old one, I hope it’s improved for the next bag range
    Post Image
  10. If you have trouble with it popping out you can overlap the straps the other way round so it locks the strap from coming out.

    In my opinion Titleist should improve this idea or scrap it completely as single strap bags are pretty pointless.
  11. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    I replaced my 2017 stadry stand bag with the 2018 Players 4 bag, although it has the same strap set up, strangely I don't experience the same problem with the straps coming out of the clip as before, I fitted a rubber band through the plastic clip on the Stadry and that seemed to keep the clip in place.
    I agree this arrangement isn't the best, the option to switch to a single strap option seems unnecessary IMO as most people I know refer the two strap option, better to have a more comfortable and practical strap system like on the staff carry bag instead.I did consider replacing the strap with a different one from another manufacturer

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