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By KSpence

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  1. HI TT,

    I have never had a wedge fitting before and was wondering what the process with Titleist is.

    I'm thinking more down the line of shaft fitting and grinds in the wedges.


  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Get to a Titleist event and the fitter will take you through the process.

    Mine was at Woburn for the launch of SM7's last year.
    Step 1. What do you currently have in the bag, how do you use them and what's good and what can be improved.
    Step 2. What's the next club in your bag (for me my AP1 Gap wedge. This was used as the datum by capturing carry on full shots.
    Step 3. Fitter looked to gap the new wedges to the Gap wedge - He got it spot on first time for my 52 so we played with the bounce and grinds so I could experience the differences in turf interaction.
    Step 4. Then to the shorter shots around the green. We did low and high trajectory with me altering loft and bounce by opening the face. Did this with both 52 and 56.
    Step 5. Bunker with both clubs short long, low and high faced bunkers and different lies.

    You might not be able to do all this at a Titleist Thursday.

    Check out Mark Crossfield's you tube from lunchtime today ...
  3. Thanks,

    Did they fit you for the shafts or was it a case of using the same that is in your irons ?
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    We went with the standard steel as I have graphite in the irons. To be honest I don't notice the difference between the shafts and I now have KuroKage in Irons and TS fairways, Project X Evenflow in 917 Driver and Tensei in the new TS hybrid and I trust that Titleist know what's best..
  5. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Sounds very interesting. Looking for 2 new wedges, going to the TT day at st Ives in sept so might ask if they can help out. Good luck with your fitting tho
  6. Just been through a fitting this evening for irons and wedges - a great thing to do and to make sure the gapping between the wedges works. A good process and really looking forward to getting the new clubs. Hopefully knowing the bounce and grind has been done will add a tad more confidence when facing a nasty shot!
  7. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Had a wedge fitting today, was a real eye opener in regards bounce, seems I've not been playing with enough on my wedges. The fitter took me over to our practise green and popped me in the bunker with my wedge (08 bounce) asked me to hit a couple of shots, then a couple just behind the trap. Then gave me a club with 14 bounce and back in the trap, wowsers, ball popped right up in the air, back out again behind and same again, loads of bounce and ball shot up and landed like a butterfly with sore feet.

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