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  1. Hey guys and gals.. Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. And hopefully playing lots of golf. Just wondered if anyone else has the AP3s? I treated myself last year with them as I got down to single figures. I went in to buy AP2s, didn’t even know AP3S existed. And walked out with these beauties.. loved every thing about them.. especially the extra shot distance. 15/20 yards per club. Just what your thoughts were. X

  2. They look amazing! I could probably game them but I went from blades to the ap1's and I'm playing golf with a massive smile on my face now

    As long as your happy right?
  3. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    Hi, I changed to AP3's last October and my game has certainly been more consistent. I have not noticed any significant difference in length as I previous played AP2's, only maybe just a club length. But I certainly have a better strike.

    I did struggle in getting the correct wedges but now feel that the lofts now fill the gaps.

  4. Hi, I've gone for an AP2/AP3 combo.
    I had AP2's and I too went for a fitting expecting 718 AP2's but wanted better gapping on the longer irons so tried the AP3's. Like you, I was mightily impressed with the AP3's but preferred the slightly softer "feel" of the AP2 in the shorter irons... So I compromised PW, 9 & 8 AP2 - 7, 6 & 5 in AP3. They are matched for shafts and lie and I'm really pleased with the decision to combo, the set and how they integrate. The 5 iron is an absolute belter and goes for miles. I've got T-MB's at 3 & 4 irons but have always pondered AP3 4 iron. Probably ponder again when I've tried the U500/U510!!
  5. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    I have had my AP3'S for a while. They are very forgiving and great to look at.Play well with yours.
  6. Hi I have AP3’s as well I love the distance and forgiveness of the club but it looks much neater than AP1 so get best of both worlds
  7. Thanks for the feedback gents.. glad you all love them too. Thanks for replying. Hope to meet you all sometime at a titleist event

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