Hybrid 14 Bag - Birthday Present

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  1. Thought I'd share this new Titleist bag with the forum. Have been looking forward to this combo Cart n' Carry Bag for some time. I've had a StaDry Cart & a StaDry Stand since they came out and they are great... However, some early mornings I want to carry and all my gear is in the cart bag and vice versa. This saves changing bags and has impressive levels of storage. See what you think - but whatever, I really like it - and my wife bought it, so it must be good!! JT

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  2. Tosh.


    I really like mines JT,I’ve not had on my trolley yet but prob will give it a try in the hot weather.

    I thought about the same colour as yours but decided to go with the staff one.
  3. Tosh,
    Thought if I got another in staff colours, nobody would know I had a new bag!!
  4. She Really nice I’ve been wanting a carry bag for the winter months but don’t like bags that don’t have 14 individual dividers so this bag looks perfect, tHank’s for the share
  5. john h

    john h
    ormskirk, Lancashire

    Very nice
  6. james m

    james m
    South wales

    Love the colours on that bag nice purchase
  7. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Looks mint !
  8. Looks nice and have been tempted , but wondered how heavy is the bag vs normal stand bag. I like to carry all my gear when using stand bag in winter and prefer 14 way dividers...
  9. Ross,
    The weight is 2.5 kg.
    This is marginally heavier than my previous StaDry stand bag, which was 1.8 kg, so it's 0.7kg heavier.
    It is definitely more robust, has more (and deeper) pockets and a better stand mechanism.
    Additionally, it's a better fit on cart & buggy. This is the ethos behind the Hybrid bag - all purpose functionality.
  10. Linda S

    Linda S

    I also wondered about the weight - the hybrid 14 weighs 2.5kg. The lightest stadry stand bag would seem to be 1.8kg. I also prefer 14 dividers but think I would struggle to carry all of my clubs and gear with the extra weight. The bag looks great with a good choice of colours.
  11. What trolley are you guys using for this bag? i cant seem to find one that fits any good. Cheers

  12. Tosh.


    I use a stewart golf push trolley.
  13. Brandon,
    Motocaddy (thinks it's an S1).It only folds once, is an industrial metallic grey and quite heavy.
    Have had it a few years and moved it up to a lithium battery but it works well enough.
    I stretch the top elastic retaining strap through the bag handle, attach it to the hook and off we go.


  14. Hey JT how's this bag holding up now then? Please can I see a pic?

    Still such a nice colour way in my opinion
  15. Alex,
    Pretty good - I've looked after it and it's been "lightly raced" as they say. I admit to an above average level of OCD.
    It fits my Motocaddy pretty well.
    It's a good all-round bag but as a Hybrid, it's not not as light as a +4 (but has more organisation & pockets) and not as big as a Cart bag (but has a stand).
    The colour was a limited edition at the time the Hybrid 14 came out, I ordered it specifically and I've not seen another in my travels.
    I had a StaDry cart bag and a StaDry stand bag until a couple of weeks ago but they've gone to new homes...
    I'll try to log a pic on another reply but my Mac is not very compliant when it comes to attaching images! The hours I've spent trying to attach images....
  16. Alex
    Photographed at 0700 this morning at Prenton.....
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    Post Image
  17. Nice bag. Just upgraded to the midsize and love it can’t wait to properly use it.
  18. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Looks Mint pal.
  19. Robert H

    Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

    Looks nice. Enjoy.

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