TT Bag Tag & First Eagle

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By Des

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  1. Des

    Cuddington, Cheshire

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    Scored my first Eagle on the par 4 ninth @ Runcorn GC today. Then to cap off a great days golf came home to find a letter from Titleist with a magnificent TT bag tag - unbelievable.

    Big thank you to everyone @Titleist

    Best regards Des

  2. Zangetsu

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    Congrats! That is awesome.
    Haven’t had the pleasure of making one myself though I have had 6 tap in birdies on approaches on par 4’s.

    So friends and family nicknamed me (b)eagle.
    B for bijna ( dutch for almost).
    Hoping for that day i can lose the B
  3. 0 Posts

    That's awesome! so nice that TeamTitleist do that.

    I've been pretty close a few times to getting an eagle, always a bit gutting seeing the pitch mark and where the ball ended up, knowing it must of rolled right over the hole mouth.
  4. BR
    Dundalk, Louth

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    Well done

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