Mitsubishi Tensei Shafts

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By Stephen L

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  1. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Hi all, I am looking for either the new Mitsubishi Tensei shafts for my driver but cannot find them for Titleist 917's. I am looking for either the orange or white version in a stiff shaft. I have noticed that they are standard for a number of other brands but not Titleist. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

  2. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    Not helpful now but I heard that the Tensei will be one of the options on the 919's later this year.
  3. Zangetsu


    I mailed titleist once for a custom shaft. They referred me to a few fitters/shops nearby my home. They should be able to help you with sorting out different shafts / ordering them for you if you can't get them directly somewhere.

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