Who is gaming our AP1 Irons?

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By Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

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  1. Hi Team Titleist,

    Who is gaming our #Titleist718 AP1 irons at the moment?

    I would love to know why you chose AP1, please share your comments and bag set ups (including pictures) with us below.




  2. CJOx
    Lytham St Anne’s

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    Hi Hannah,

    I am 4 weeks in to my #Titleist718 AP1’s and loving them.

    As a previous single figure golfer, I’m returning to the sport after 10 years out. I need an iron that is forgiving so that I can try and find my feet again, but also capable of helping me get back to where I was.

    AP1’s are a perfect choice and I couldn’t be happier.

    Bag set-up: 917D2 9.5*, 915fd 15*, 816h 21*, 718 AP1 5-48*, SM7 54, SM7 60, Scotty Cameron Futura 7M.

    I now need to stop spending! ;)


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  3. AntD
    Hampshire, UK

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    Interesting Hybrid choice of 21 degree... in my fitting I had 19 and 23 818's .

  4. CJOx
    Lytham St Anne’s

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    Hi Ant,

    My intention is to buy an 18* fairway wood so figured a 21* would be a good gap between that and the 24* 5 iron.

    I hadnt hit a hybrid until this and I must admit that I am struggling a little to get to grips with it, hence only wanting one in the bag.

  5. Matt W
    Skipton, 0

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    Hi Hannah,

    I'm gaming the AP1's. Found these were the best club for me both on the TT iron invitation day I attended with you and a recent Titleist Thursday Fitting.

    I had wanted the AP3's initially but the AP1's performed much better for me particularly with my strike patterns which tend to edge towards the toe. Dispersion front to back was much tighter than my existing clubs. I had also stopped playing a 5 iron but the AP1 5 iron is ridiculously easy to hit

    The AP1's do not look like a game improvement iron, the scoring clubs in particular are very sleek and suit my eye.

    Specs are below, really looking forward to putting them in play. I also updated hybrids and wedges to fit the lofts. Bit of room left at the top of the bag for a 919 or two :). Will upload an image when I get them.

    818 H1 (23.0 degree)
    SureFit Setting: B-4
    18 gram draw weight
    Shaft (Flex): Project X Even Flow Blue 85 HY (5.5)
    Grip (Size): Standard (Standard)

    718 AP1 (5 - W48)
    Lie Angle: 2 degree Upright
    Shaft (Flex): True Temper AMT Black (R300)

    SM7 Brushed Steel (54.10 S Grind and 60 12 D)
    Lie Angle: 1 degree Upright
    Shaft (Flex): True Temper Dynamic Gold (S200)

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