Titleist Thursday fitting at Gleneagles

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By Peter M

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  1. Peter M

    Peter M

    I had a Driver fitting with Graeme Noblett from Titleist yesterday at Gleneagles. The driver is a club I have had trouble with since being fitted by a "Tour Fitter" from another brand a few years ago. We settled into a shaft and head relatively quickly, but Graeme then had me try a couple of different lengths, weights and surefit settings. The results were dramatic. Forget about the extra length (which I did achieve). Much more important was the frequency with which I hit the centre of the club, and how often I hit it on the range where I intended, reminding me that I DID know how to hit driver. A fitting at the end of last year for a hybrid has already improved my greens in regulation. I'm confident my FIR will improve now too! Thanks Graeme.

  2. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    great to hear. Its amazing what a good fitting can do and I cant believe that in this day and age, more and more people don't get fitted for their clubs and just buy stock equipment from shops or online.

    The amount of people who must be thrown off a manufacturer or certain line of clubs but merely picking a stock one up, not being able to hit it and then deciding that its not for them is huge!

    I remember a couple of years ago where a friend of mine was fitted for a new driver, he hits it great, long, straight and very consistent. Another friend asks if he can have a try, hits 3 balls and doesn't catch one of them right. He then proceeds to go on about how the new XYZ driver is cr*p blah blah blah!!
  3. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Just goes to show, it pays to be correctly fitted.
    Graeme knows his stuff, I’m sure he fitted Rory Mc before he left Titleist.
  4. Peter M

    Peter M

    Having been fitted for most of my clubs over the years, I have to say my experience of Titleist is much better than any of the rest. My last driver was a really poor fit, despite as I say being fitted by a "Tour" fitter. Too long a shaft, too low spin a head. I couldn't feel the club anywhere in my swing. I had started to believe I couldn't hit the driver, which was unfortunate as I'm not a long hitter and need to hit driver on most par 4 & 5 holes. Graeme restored my faith.
  5. Zangetsu


    Hearing these stories is great.
    I however am one of the dum dums who got a second hand driver 915D2.
    And sadly I missed the round of Titleist fittings near where I live.

    However I hope there are a few extra fittings in The Netherlands this year.
    Can’t wait to pick up a new driver, but might be tempted to wait out the new release later this year.

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