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By Stuart B

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  1. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Course unplayable due to snow so I headed over to American golf, my local range, where David the Titleist rep had a display. Had a good chat about current ball line up and he also gave sound advice about a gap problem in my bag that Ied to a purchase of a second 818 h2 hybrid this time 19 deg.

    He also kindly gave me some free Titleist stuff nice guy.

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  2. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    Nice haul, and nice to hear about the help re gapping and picking up a 818!
  3. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Had my first rounds with new hybrid and I've got another issue, the 19 h2 is only 5 yards short of my 16.5 fairway, I will need to think now if I drop the fairway out or increase the loft 1 deg of the h2.

    Just a passing note I played Drumoig GC in Dundee and finally found out what it feels like to be hitting 290-300 drives, unfortunately it was more to do with dry and fast conditions than me

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