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By Trevor S

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  1. Trevor S

    Trevor S
    Calgary, AB

    Hello UK / Ireland Team Titleist members.

    A friend and I are headed to Scotland for a 13 day golf / sightseeing trip coming up in May this year.

    This is our golfing itinerary. We are interested in playing local courses and other than the 'Old Course' trying to stay away from the famous open courses. Why you ask? We are looking for 'local' golfing experience and are not interested in playing the big name tracks.

    I would really like some feedback on the courses we have picked.

    Dumfries area - Colvend or Powfoot

    North Berwick - Glen Golf Club

    Aberdour - Aberdour Golf Club

    St. Andrews - Old Course

    Stonehaven - Stonehaven Golf Club

    Cruden Bay - Cruden Bay Golf Club

    Arisaig area - Traigh Golf Club

    Thanks for any comments or advice you can provide.


  2. Hi Trevor, I've played The Old a couple of times and it's superb, definitely not to be missed.
    The only other course I've played on your list is North Berwick (last October) and it blew me away, absolutely brilliant. If you do go over there don't miss Gullane 1 and 2 either.
  3. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed with any of your choices and it sounds like a trip to be envious of.
    Apart from the Old Course I cant comment, but my experience of playing there was awesome - within reason, take the opportunity to take everything about the course in. Take photos and videos as souvenirs.
    We visited after the Open in 2007 and also played the Eden which was really enjoyable.
    The other courses we played were Final Qualifying venues - Pannure, Monifieth and Downfield. All great courses but I particularly enjoyed Downfield.
    Hope you have a fantastic trip!
  4. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Played Powfoot 3 times in gents open,plays like links just off the bay coast,that time of year should be good as the greens are normally slick, a few fairways are forgiven so you can open your shoulders but also some tight ones.
    St Andrews is good but I personally think it’s just the name and reputation of it, played much better courses.
    Enjoy, hope you get the weather for it.
  5. Trevor S

    Trevor S
    Calgary, AB

    Thank guys for your info. We have to submit our ballot for the old course so that ins't a guarantee yet. We will walk it on Sunday and cross our fingers if we get selected. We won't be too bent out of shape if we can't play it. I have heard the same thing that Gaaary mentioned. Play it because of its history, other than that it isn't much of a course.

  6. colin b

    colin b

    Old course is great course to play
    Played Cruden bay last year and was in excellent condition and is actually one of my Dad's favourite courses
    Aberdour is ok but do think there are better courses in the area. Leven, Lundin Links, Crail, Drumoig, Ladybank and Scotscraig
  7. Trevor S

    Trevor S
    Calgary, AB

    Cheers. I will look into those that you mentioned.
  8. Stonehaven - Stonehaven Golf Club: Set along the cliff tops en route to Aberdeen, nice little course with some great par 3 with views out to the North sea. As always with Scottish golf...........remember your waterproofs!

    Banchory Golf Club is just less the 5 miles from Stonehaven, again a nice parkland course with a fab friendly clubhouse. Would be a great inland alternative should the North Sea winds and weather beating down on Stonehaven during your visit.

  9. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    Dumfries area - Colvend or Powfoot: Colvend's first is like hitting into a wall of grass, straight up hill. Powfoot is a lovely course, out of the two I'd go there. Have a look at Southerness as well in between them.

    North Berwick - Glen Golf Club: Nice track, obviously over shadowed by North Berwick itself but still a nice course.

    St. Andrews - Old Course: Wow. Just wow!
    Don't discount the New or Jubilee courses either.

    Cruden Bay - Cruden Bay Golf Club: See St Andrews comments.
  10. Peter M

    Peter M

    Cruden Bay is fantastic. If you can't get to play the Old Course through the ballot, try Carnoustie. 40 minutes by car from St Andrews, and can usually play it without too much trouble in May.
  11. Trevor S

    Trevor S
    Calgary, AB

    Cheers Adam! I did look at Southerness and will look to book there. My search criteria was using Google Earth / maps and scrolling around looking for tracks near the areas we were traveling. Southerness is somewhat greyed out so I missed it.
  12. If you are headed to Aberdeen then I would recommend Murcar and Royal Aberdeen, fantastic courses just north of the city and not too far from cruden bay. Trump international links is also a must play course.
  13. Peter M

    Peter M

    Cruden Bay is great. I haven't played the others. If you can't get on the Old Course, consider the championship course at Carnoustie. Just over 20 miles from St.Andrews and not usually too difficult to get on in May.
  14. Trevor S

    Trevor S
    Calgary, AB

    Trump was high on my list but it also comes with a steep green fee. I showed my buddy the Mark Crossfield vlog that he did at Trump and I think it scared him away. Haha.

    We have also looked at Murcar and is a possibility. We are only 2 nights in Aberdeen as we are trying to get to see as much of Scotland as we can in 13 days.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Other than all the touristy spots, any recommendations on some must see highlights? Pubs, restaurants or local 'must see' areas?

    Here is our route. Land in Glasgow head to Dumfries 1 night. Edinburgh 3 nights, St Andrews 3 nights, Aberdeen 2 nights, Inverness 1 night, Arisaig 1 night, Glasgow 1 night.

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