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By chris M

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  1. I have had my combo set from the day of release having being custom fitted in advance at my local fitting centre. I was very apprehensive at first as despite being a single figure handicapper I do have an issue toe striking and iron play is generally the weakest part of my game.

    At the fitting I tried the AP3's but in all honesty could not get on with the numbers they produced as it would have meant a whole rethink of my bag from my woods to my wedges for gapping reasons.

    Initially I was set on the AP2s, great looking club and quite forgiving for a players iron until the pro explained that the CB,s had the same level of forgiveness as the 716 ap2s which i was replacing(not custom fitted). With in five shots I was hooked, the drop offs from toe hits was minimal and in line with this years AP2.

    I decided to game a 5,6,7 AP2 with 8,9,P CB. The results so far have been outstanding leading to me shooting 3 over on Royal st Davids on Tuesday where I hit the most greens in regulation I have ever hit. Only the putting god stopped me from shooting level par or better.

    The feel and forgiveness of these irons are unreal also the distance control is very impressive, you do not get big jumps the number is the number if you strike it. I can not wait for the season to start now at my new club.

  2. Sweet, just wondering what shafts you were fitted into?
  3. Comprehensive Review Chris, thanks.

    I just think the feel and control on the low irons are incredible; easily the best yet within the AP2 range.

    Good luck in the new season.
  4. s300 whiteboard it was close between the KBS Tour however I seemed to get the odd "spinney" one where it the ball flew way 2 high and I lost 10 yards on the club

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