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    Thought I’d share a story with you guys that may be of interest;

    I was lucky enough to get a new set of AP2 718s for Christmas and Santa brought the 2018 tour bag too.

    With the weather the way it was, I never got out with them until late January and new right away I’d made the correct choice - such a good feel from the club head and the custom fitting made everything come together too. I got home and, as per every round, got the clubs out to get them washed and to my surprise/horror the pitching wedge and 9 iron were badly marked (see pics). Something wasn’t right as I’d hit the wedge maybe 6 times max and all with a brand new ProV1X.

    I called Titleist and Snainton Golf the next day and explained the story, they both suggested I send the clubs back for review.

    The point of the story is to highlight the excellent customer service I experienced from both Titleist and Snainton; two brand new clubs sent back to me within two weeks with apologies.

    I’m a big believer in the true mark of customer service being how a company/shop/person deals with adversity. In a strange way my overriding emotion is relief - this means my brand loyalty with titlest can continue and without coming close to being compromised.

    Thanks for your help all at Snainton Golf and Titleist UK.

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