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By jkington

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  1. jkington

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    Just wondered if anybody can offer advise on a new bag. Is the staydry cart bag worth the extra or should I stay with a standard bag and save some cash?

  2. richard f

    richard f

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    I’ve got the stadry 14 way Cart bag and I’m happy with it , plenty of room for all the gear as well
  3. ZimKitch

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    I have the stadry 4up carry bag. It's waterproof capabilities are superb!
  4. david s

    david s
    South Wales

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    We all managed with the normal bag for years until the stadry fabrics were introduced, whether its worth paying the extra £60 plus for the privilege, depends how much you plan to play golf in the rain.
    I've bought the 4up Stadry to carry for the winter months, the advantages I've found is the clubs stay dryer whilst in the bag and also the bag doesn't get any heavier by absorbing rain water.
    You might be able to save yourself some of your "hard earned" if you pick up last years model.
  5. ZimKitch

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    Hi guys
    Just a quick post of my Stadry 4up working hard in the snow at the weekend.
    Great bag!!
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