Fitting for a mixed set of irons

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By Simon B

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  1. Simon B

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    I'm looking forward to a fitting session this weekend and wondered if anyone has put together a mixed set out of the AP3 / AP2 / TMB range? Would be useful to know how the loft and associated distance gaps have been managed.

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    Hi Simon,
    I've recently been fitted for AP3 4i and AP2 5-Pw. The fitter had ordered the AP3 bent 1deg weak to fit the gapping from the 5iron.
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    Thanks that’s interesting, I was wondering if deporting would be necessary.
    My test was inconclusive, trackman showed up the AP3 as being longer with tighter dispersion on the range.
    But taking the AP2, AP3 and my own 716 AP2’s on the course they all seemed to perform the same in the “real world”.
    I did learn that I have to go back to standard lies from 1 degree flat, a result of swing changes, which explains why I’ve been hitting everything left.
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    Yes, mine all went 2 deg flat. I'd been playing a set of miz MP32's for the last 10 years or so and they'd started life as 1 deg flat.
    Getting the right shaft for me really helped the dispersion.

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    I was fitted for AP3 4i and AP2 5-Pw. The AP3 was bent 1 deg weak to fit in.
  6. Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

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    I've not allowed for any changes to loft in my AP3/AP2 setup, gapping for me appeared to be pretty good on the day and it's translated to the course too. Hope the set works out Simon.

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