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By mpinchin

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  1. mpinchin

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    Hi TT! I was lucky enough to win a fitting at St Ives back end of last year. I've previously had 3-6 muscle backs and 7-wedge AP2's. Paul did my fitting. Knowledge and data they use is fascinating - not sure I understand it all - however the outcome was the AP3's give me more of everything. Has anyone else recently been fitted for AP3's? And what was the outcome? Interested to know. Handicap is 8 - apparently.

    Thanks Hannah!! You are seriously endangering my golf getting better!! :-)



  2. Tom C
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    Unless that's a typo you're the only person Ive heard of that has had blades in the long irons and more forgiving irons in the low irons?!

    Have you got the AP3's yet? how are they performing for you?

  3. mpinchin

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    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for that. Yes that was my error. 3-6 iron AP2 and 7-PW CB (not MB).

    No, I don't have the AP3's yet. Just wandering how people are getting on with them?

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    Hi tom. I've played ap2 for about 3 years 712 and 716. I also went to st Ives for a fitting and the ap3 suited best in nearly every aspect. I've only recently ordered my set so haven't gamed the new sticks properly yet to be able to report back.

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