European Tour Fantasy race to dubai

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By Gaaary

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  1. Gaaary
    Blyth, Northumberland

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    If anyone's interested for a bit of fun, a league has been set up on the European tour website using pin : X51zyY0vzT It's free to pick a team and some decent prizes. It starts tomorrow so you need to be quick !

    TeamTitleist forum also on Facebook

  2. SDahl

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    Cheers I will enter that now
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    I'm in. Selection process is so easy and I can see this being a lot of fun over the coming months.
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    ive applied to join rorysnewclubs is the team name
  5. Gary Forde
    Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire

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    Hi guys.
    It is myself that set up the Private League.
    Anyone that has requested to join it should now have been added. more can still continue to join it. Yes, they may be a tournament less, but this runs until November and the league table will change continuously (especially with the Majors counting double).

    It's a lot of fun, and it does improve your knowledge of the different tournaments and the players.

    Good luck everyone.
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    This is the first time I have been top in anything for a long time!

    Cant see it lasting

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