2018 catalogue and Fitting day.

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By Declan F

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  1. Declan F
    Wexford, 0

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    Hi guys when is the 2018 catalogue out? Looking to splash more cash on Titleist gear. New AP3s and 818H1 hybrid already ordered after a great day at the Titleist fitting centre at carton house yesterday with Mark O’ Mahoney. This lad is excellent at his job and I would highly recommend him for a fitting. I booked on this site and it was a very easy process. #TeamTitleist

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    I was on the phone with Mark yesterday. I'm getting fit soon.

    Did you do the full bag or just the irons and hybrid Declan?
  3. Declan F
    Wexford, 0

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    Just irons and Hybrid mate, will upgrade Driver and 3 wood next year. He also gave me great advice on what wedges Vokeys to go for when I’m upgrading them.
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    Great getting fitted Declan and the AP3 is a lovely club, good luck with delivery I’ve been waiting since November for mine, I,m at the point of moving brands just because of it, so all my other Titleist gear will go as a consequence. Not very happy .
  5. Ray E
    Walsall, 0

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    Looking forward to the new catalogue, new carry bag needed, SM7's and fitting at St. Ives next week.
    Be good to know when we can splash the cash, more honestly bend the credit card further.

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