917 or 915 fairway whats the difference?

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By smartin

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    Hi All

    I hope you are all doing great today. Just a quick one is there much of a difference in performance between the 917 and 915 fairways in launch ease of use etc as Im looking for a new 3 wood. Any advice would be great thanks.

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    I didn’t find a lot of difference when testing but you should always have a professsional fitting to be sure what’s the best fit for you.
    My advice though would be to wait until November for the 919’s.......
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    919 oh that sounds good. I cant weight for that.
  4. Gaaary
    Blyth, Northumberland

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    I couldn't get on with my 915 Fairway 3 wood, I didn't have the confidence when I pulled it out the bag as to where it was going but my 917 has restored the faith, either off the tee or from the ground, much easier to get it up in the air !
    Could be a personal thing but why wait a full season until the 919s are out
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    Thanks Gaaary that's good to know thanks for the info and you do make a good point. Im really struggling with my current jpx 850 3 wood the face looks so closed at address.

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