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By Paul C

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  1. Paul C

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    Yesterday afternoon I received the call to say my new clubs had been delivered and were ready for collection. Went straight there after work to receive a very large box which just about fitted in the car. Once home I got that box out and began the swap over before informing the better half that I was off to the range to give them their first hit. All I can say is WOW, lovely strikes with great accuracy and the confidence to know they will fly to where you are aiming is an amazing feeling. The 917f was also a massive surprise, it exceeded my expectations massively and I can't wait now to get out and play next week with them. There a couple of items I still need add/replace such as Driver,Hybrid and bag but for now I'm over the moon with the decision I made to purchase these clubs. Thanks Titleist for prodcuing these amazing clubs :) The Scotty I already owend as a wedding gift from my wife and the headcover gets very limited use but has to get an outing at least once a year (hopefully three times over the next 2 weeks) Paul

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  2. Tom C
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    Sounds like a good day Paul!

    What spec did you go with on the AP3's? What did you have before?

    Most importantly, what Scotty do you have?!
  3. richard f

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    Sounds like you've made a really good purchase there !!
  4. Paul C

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    richard f said:

    Sounds like you've made a really good purchase there !!

    Thanks Richard, from the couple of range trips I've made so far I'm really pleased with them.
    How are you finding the 917D2...either the bag or the driver are next to be changed for me so some thoughts would be really helpful.
  5. Paul C

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    Hi Tom,

    I went with the AP3 5 - 48deg gap wedge, 1/2 inch longer with the AMT Black R300 shafts. We tried several shafts but these ones gave the best results. Also had 2 extra wraps on the grips although the actual grip is the standard one as these weren't discussed....not sure whether thats a good thing or not but they work fine so not really an issue.

    Previously I had Taylor Made Tour Preferred MB's but although I could them ok they weren't really the best suit for me with a handicap of 13.5 so I decided to change irons. Doing some research I wanted to try the Titleist ones and was so glad that I did. Will finally get out on the course Thursday and can't wait to play with them.
    The 917F2 is 15 degrees with the Diamana blue 70 shaft, goes like a dream :)
    My Scotty is a 2010 Studio Select Newport 2, have a few headcovers for it too - Lady Luck Las Vegas as that was the September headcover for that year when we were there to start our honeymoon, the standard silver cover it came with and the two santa covers from 2012 (Dancing Santa and Large Santa which is still in it's bag).

    I can't tell you how pleased I am to have made this decision, hopefully I can start to get my handicap dropping now and find a bit more consistency in my game.

    Have a good Christmas guys and if you are playing have a great game!!
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    They look lovely. I'm still waiting for my AP2/3 combo set. The 5-7 working day turnaround I was promised has morphed into 2 months since the fitting in November. Just been told I MIGHT have them by February. Still looking forward to them though.
  7. Paul C

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    Hi Peter,

    That seems a very long time, maybe worth dropping someone at titleist an email to see if they can look into it for you?
    I'm very pleased with them and so glad I switched, just need to update the driver next and get a Titleist bag to complete the set.
    You won't be disappointed and I hope for your sake they arrive soon.
    All the best

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    Apparently it was because I’d asked
    for midsize grips. Titleist have no stock until end of Jan. My pro has asked for them to shipped ungripped to him and he’s going to do it instead.

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