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By Paul C

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  1. Paul C

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    Yesterday afternoon I received the call to say my new clubs had been delivered and were ready for collection. Went straight there after work to receive a very large box which just about fitted in the car. Once home I got that box out and began the swap over before informing the better half that I was off to the range to give them their first hit. All I can say is WOW, lovely strikes with great accuracy and the confidence to know they will fly to where you are aiming is an amazing feeling. The 917f was also a massive surprise, it exceeded my expectations massively and I can't wait now to get out and play next week with them. There a couple of items I still need add/replace such as Driver,Hybrid and bag but for now I'm over the moon with the decision I made to purchase these clubs. Thanks Titleist for prodcuing these amazing clubs :) Paul

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  2. Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

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    Beautiful looking set!!! The 917F is definitely a great club ... best 3 wood I've had to date. I find it very consistent and long.

    Enjoy them!

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