Titleist Christmas presents

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  1. BR
    Dundalk, Louth

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    What titleist Gesr is everyone hoping to get this Christmas? I’m hoping for the white leather cover set , and mits

  2. Tom C
    Romford, 0

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    I'm pretty set for gear at the moment unless Santa wants to be really generous and bring me some 718's, but he doesn't know my spec yet!!

    Just picked up another tour Cameron for the collection as a little early Christmas gift to myself, will see nearer the time if there's anything else that takes my fancy!
  3. BR
    Dundalk, Louth

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    Love it expensive taste !
  4. Tom C
    Romford, 0

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    Will add that the Christmas themed wood covers look great, so maybe a set of those!
  5. richard f

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    Maybe the 917 3 wood and possibly another hybrid
  6. Bigdougie71
    Dunfermline, Fife

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    Looking to get a set of AP3's from Santa but still ironing out a few issues before the purchase
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    A full bag, 3 hour, fitting session at Celtic Manor if they have space. If not it can wait until New Year. Looking forward to finding out which of the 718's will give me the most benefit.
  8. BR
    Dundalk, Louth

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    Nice one hope you enjoy them !
  9. Gaaary
    Blyth, Northumberland

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    A Titleist Tour truck would be nice, not sure it would fit in my garage though
  10. john h
    ormskirk, Lancashire

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    Christmas themed wood covers ? not seen those have you got a picture ?
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    I treated myself to a 718 fitting at my club recently. As a result I shall hopefully see Santa dropping a box down my chimney with my shiny new AP2/3 combo set in time for a festive round or two. Mmmmmmmmm, shiny goodness.

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