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By Stuart B

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  1. Stuart B

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    Still waiting for my new ap2s to arrive(27days) so phoned Titleist direct. Nice guy called Mark explained that this range has been the most popular in last 10 years and the demand has exceeded expectations.

    Just confirms again that we are playing the number one brand, Titleist


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    Same problem stu! At least we no when they arrive they will be the best!! Just can't wait too get them on the course!!!
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    Stu, don't worry they are WORTH the wait. mine only took 2 weeks (sorry) and that seemed like an eternity, but trust me once you get them you will think of nothing else, especially if you get out to not just the range but the course as well. You will see the massive improvements Titleist has made and the longer distance and greater accuracy you will get out of the 718's , just as I have. I still can't thank Titleist enough for making such an amazing iron.
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    It'll be worth the wait. At least it's wet, cold & windy out. You'd be even more desperate if it was middle of Summer!
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    I pre ordered after being fitted on the day fitting began and it took 10 days after release for them to be delivered.

    Be patient as they will be worth the weight.
  6. Stuart B

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    Your all correct guys, I have a golf holiday planned at the end of November and I was hoping they would be ready other wise little chance of course play as I live west coast Scotland, wet, wet, wet.

    Glad you are all enjoying Titleist.
  7. Stuart B

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    Home from work 5pm. Phone call today clubs have arrived, straight to American golf at 6 pm Unbelievably beautiful, hopefully playing tomorrow.

    Can't help but think that maybe someone here helped move my order along and if so really appreciated and if not well thanks anyway Titleist for such fantastic product.

    Finally want to thank Brian and Stuart at Clydebank American golf also for their great service.

    Is it light out yet?
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  8. Tom J
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    I was fitted by Titleist into the 718 T-MB around 3 weeks ago and just needed 2° flat with standard LZ shafts and these will not be available until the end of November. The 818H2s have arrived but this seems a very long wait for the irons.
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    I was fitted recently at my club (about 2 weeks ago) and I'm currently waiting on my AP2/3 combo set. The fitting was fantastic and the attention to detail from the staff was really insightful. The slight tweaks to get the right shaft combination meant that by the end my fitter (sorry I've forgotten his name) was saying he was getting very bored watching me hit as the dispersion had narrowed so much that you could almost literally throw the proverbial blanket over the final shots.
    The feel was fantastic and the control on landing halved my run out numbers. I hadn't realised that my old irons had lost that part of their game as it had been such a gradual process (I'd been gaming them for almost 10 years). I simply can't wait to take delivery and get out.

    Fantastic job Titleist, your products are just the epitome of quality.

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