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By Stuart B

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  1. Stuart B

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    I ordered Ap2 irons on 12/1017 with a stock shaft of Amt black stiff. Initially this stock was out of stock and I was told to expect 2 week delay. Phone today for another update and was informed that the heads are now out of stock and will be another 2 weeks before possible delivery. This wait is killing me, lol.


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    Honestly Stu they will be worth the wait, I have a CB/AP2 combo set and they are hands down the best clubs I have ever owned the upgrade from 716-718 is ridiculous.

  3. Stuart B

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    Cheers for the reply Chris, I know your right.

    Enjoy your clubs.
  4. Gaaary
    Blyth, Northumberland

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    It'll be worth the wait, it's winter conditions so plenty time to get dialled in !
  5. Paul C

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    Hi Stuart,

    Have you received your clubs nowandif so, howlong was the eventual wait?
    I've ordered a set of AP3's along with a couple of Wedges all with the same shaft. Found out Monday that the shaft for one of them is out of stock and not arriving until early next week so hopefully I'll get them at the end of it. Was hoping to have them by now and the wait is killing me as I just want to get them and hit them lol.
    If you've got them then I hope they are all you expected them to be and more!!

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