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By Tom C

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  1. Tom C
    Romford, 0

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    So what's your plan for the winter? Do you play the whole way through regardless or do the clubs go away for a while?

    Any particular goals for the winter months as in a change of clubs, work on long game or putting, improve your general fitness??

    Me personally, I have hardly played for the last 2 years for various reasons, usually get a game once every 4/5 weeks and I cant see that changing over the winter. Over the next few months I will be looking to try out the 718's and get fitted for a set. I'm happy with my woods, wedges and putter so wont be changing anything there (although will probably re-grip them all if I get some new irons). I will be trying to improve my general fitness and introduce some stretching! Sitting in front of a computer doesn't do me any favours!

    I may also look into making myself a bit of a 'man cave' in the loft as most of my Cameron and Vokey collections are still in boxes after a house move and need to be aired. Thinking about making a bit of a putting green up there so I can keep the stroke going too.

    So what's your plan for the winter?! It would be good to get a few responses to this and then look back at the start of next season to see who achieved some, if not all, of their goals!

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    Hi Tom
    I generally play through the winter .
    Better a bad day on golf course than going round shops??
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    Tom that man cave sounds good!! I am going too build myself a cabinet in my garage this winter for all my clubs, bags, shoes etc. I will also be playing as much as possible during the winter. Did it last year and had my best year yet this year and am now the lowest handicap I have been! I believe a lot was down too keeping the swing through the last winter! It's crap at times tho lol
  4. Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

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    Hi Tom, thiught you'd be out no matter what weather with all that FJ gear!

    I plan on working on my swing this winter on the range and depending on the winter we have will have to see how many rounds I play as sometimes its not fun.

    Irons for sure are being changed over the winter ready for next year after the fitting we had last week.

    Oh and I've got 3 weeks in Malaysia with my wife who has said I can take my clubs so got some golf planned whilst we are out there and I'll post some photos of the Els club I'll be playing, as it looks amazing.
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    I will play through the winter as long as its not raining too heavily.

    I have just been fitted for the 718's CB+AP2 combo as soon as they arrive ill get used to them over a few weeks then its a course of lessons until March ready for the start of the new season.

    I wont play in any of the winter competitions ill just play social golf with friends
  6. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    Here in Hawaii we play during the winter ❄️ best time to play,not to hot,I take a break during August and September,way to hot like 90's .
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    Good question Tom, the man cave sounds good and with all your Vokey and Cameron stuff it'll need to be a big one!

    I'll be playing throughout the winter as we all know that the new LTS rain gear makes Every Day Playable, there's no longer any reason to stay indoors.

    I'll definitely be working on my swing and plan to have a monthly lesson. I need to set my wrists earlier in the takeaway and create more lag on the way down.

    Fitness will be high on my agenda and I've already started Pilates and core / abs classes at the gym. As I edge closer to 50 I'm hoping that will help maintain decent distance off the tee.

    I won't take a rushed decision on the 718's but will test them often through the winter to see if swing changes and the fitness routine have any bearing on my choice / fitting.

    All the best to TT members for their winter plan and let's hope for a mild & dry one.


  8. Daniel S

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    My plan is to play some winter league golf but the main focus is to increase my fitness and reducing my weight as at the min i'm slightly overweight although i have lost weight over the last year i still haven't reached my goal. Seeing good steady improvements to my game after returning from a 9 year break returning to my 4 HCP i think the additional fitness i have gained and stand to gain will hopefully along with a few hours a week on the practice green help me reduce my HCP further.
  9. Gaaary
    Blyth, Northumberland

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    I normally play all year round weather permitting, we have a weekly winter comp on a Sunday for 10 weeks with your best 6 scores counting.
    If it's too wet then the local range is good a couple of times a week.
    I'm planning on creating some sort of range/net in my new garage in couple of month to keep the swing going also, still not decided on the technology for numbers I will put in there yet, any thoughts from Titleist members would be great ?

  10. Shoaib

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    Just like every year, I'll be playing right through the weather...whatever the conditions ;-)
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  11. Stuart B

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    Playing in the West Coast of Scotland, the weather is generally wet almost all year so I will continue to play through the winter with midweek nights at the range. Just about to be fitted for 718 range so that will be my motivation.

    Good luck with the man cave.
  12. richard f

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    I play as much as I can over the winter , obviously it depends on the weather and if there's course closures or not
  13. Sam R
    Swindon, Wiltshire

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    I'll be hitting the range mainly, I have an hour lesson every 2 months throughout the year anyway so i'll continue those, or possible go for half hour every month. I discovered that I can get to my home club, hit 50 balls and be back to my desk within my hour lunch break last week. So going to try and up my range visits by going on my lunch breaks - don't often take one so it's a win/win in my eyes.

    Also like a few of you i'll be looking to improve my fitness and lose some weight over the winter. I tend to slack off the gym in the summer using the excuse that I don't want to be stiff from doing weights when i'm playing lots of golf.
  14. James H
    Essex, 0

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    Hi Tom,
    My plan is to try and play as much as possible but work on my game at the range too, with the aid of a couple of lessons. I tend to get very flat in my backswing and am trying to rectify that but the old saying of you can't teach an old dog new tricks has never been more apt!
  15. Tom C
    Romford, 0

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    What range do you go to James?
  16. Tom C
    Romford, 0

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    Update on this!

    So I hadn't touched a club since early September, but with a little trip to Princes and Royal Cinque Ports coming up this weekend I got out to the range yesterday. I must say I was pretty happy, swing doesn't look pretty on the couple of videos I took with my phone but I was happy with the way I was hitting it!

    I've become more active over the last month or so. I bought a Fitbit, mainly to track my sleeping patterns which are not great, but also to try and get me moving more during the day instead of just sitting in the office. Its good as it gives you a little prod to move every hour, not sure walking to the kitchen counts though haha! Started doing some stretching and a bit of swimming so planning on keeping that up.

    Haven't had a chance to hit the 718's yet, not sure a fitting would be a good idea after not touching the clubs for over 10 weeks, but with a few more range sessions under my belt I think ill give them a go in the new year!

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