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By Simon s

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  1. Simon s

    Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

    On tuesday I had the privilege of been invited to St Ives for a day with other TT members. The iron fitting was a real eye opener for me as I play the MB's at the moment and thought I hit them far. That was until I saw the results on the trackman. I can honestly say if you need some more distance then the AP1, AP3 and TMB do exactly That. For me personally the AP2's added 10yds to my iron shots and tighter dispersion so thats where I am headed now ready for next year.

    Thanks again Hannah and if you could get that photo from James that he took of the trackman results it would be great to see again.

  2. MMaingre

    Bordeaux - FRANCE

    Simon s,
    in my humble point of you, it s normal that there is differences between all this clubs.
    I play as well the MB and prior to that i had APs.
    When you look at the spec of the 718, you can clearly see that, for example, on i 9 iron, between AP3 and MB, there is 4 degrees loft difference (39 vs 43).
    So it s normal that with and AP, you shot will go further than with MB for the same club.
    You should compare a 9 iron AP vs 8 iron MB (same loft).
    After it s a matter of feeling and ball workability.
    When i switched from AP to MB, of course I was shorter, but once you know your distances, i clearly prefer the MB. I don t mind playing an 8 iron instead of a 9....
    Trusting this help.
  3. Simon,

    I have emailed you the pictures but attached as well! They were some exceptional numbers, our Titleist Fitting technician James was extremely impressed!

    You are very welcome and I am glad you had a great day!


    Post Image
    Post Image
  4. colin b

    colin b

    It's great to get the full fitting experience and see how each and every one can work for you personally. My last fitting recommended I get an extra stiff shaft in driver and working wonders now I've switched
  5. Robert H

    Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

    What a great experience. Thanks for sharing
  6. What a great experience to have.great job by team titleist
  7. I had my fitting at Craigielaw with Graeme on Monday, and I have to agree with Simon the results are a revalation, ap3 for me was adding nearly 15yards per club and going by the numbers will stop quicker, my only problem now is telling my wife why i need new clubs!
    thanks for the opportunity Hannah of

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