Cabot Lodge, Inverness, Nova Scotia

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By Jerry M

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  1. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Recently played at this venue and the courses were really, really good. Great land for the courses, as they are both beside the ocean. To get there, it is about a 3 -3.5 hour drive from Halifax. The scenery was gorgeous as it was fall and the trees were deep into their fall colors. Absolutely stunning. Played both Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs twice. Out of 4 days, the weather was perfect on 2 of them. The other two days I had 30 mph winds and on one day it rained from the 5th hole in. Very, Very challenging. Rod Whitman built the Links course and did a great job of routing and building the holes. Fairways are very generous but firm. Greens can be very fast depending on where the pins are. On one hole I had a down hill, down wind (30mph) putt. Hit about a 2 ft putt and got it to within 2 feet of the hole. The wind was so fierce, the ball was wobbling sometimes on the green and your pull cart had to be placed a certain way so as not to tip over. Sometimes I just laid my cart down. It tipped over at least 6 times during the round. The turf is fast and firm so you need to have a very good ground game. A putter is your friend if you are 30 yards from the green. If you hit it off the fairway, you are either in the gorse (good luck finding your ball) or in the rough which requires some strength. The Cliffs course is even better (in my opinion). Requires strategy off of a lot of the tees and the greens are again fast and firm. The last three holes are TERRIFIC. The ocean is all along the right side. A par three in which you are facing a tee shot over a cliff with a green sloping left to right. A very short par 4 of which some player will attempt to go for the green. Big Risk/Reward. One player in out group drover the green and then 3 putted from about 25 feet. A par 5, which will require a lot of strategy on your tee shot and 2nd shot. Caddies were very knowledgeable and will definitely save you strokes around the greens. They are currently building a 10 hole par 3 course to be opened in 2020. This is a definitely a venue which should be on everyone’s list to play.

  2. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a fantastic few days...

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