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By Bryan S

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  1. Bryan S
    Wooster, OH

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    I am attending this year for the first time. I would appreciate any recommendations on what to do to plan my visit. Thanks very much in advance!

  2. Mike H

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    My only recommendation would be to get plenty of pictures of the Titleist and Scotty Cameron booths and post them here.
  3. Tim Tiger
    Bixby, OK

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    Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk miles each day. Drink plenty of water and enjoy all the show has to offer. Plenty of goodies to collect as well.

    And make sure to eat at Roccos Tacos.

  4. Kathy J
    Portland, OR

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    Make sure you post plenty of Titleist products for us TT members who don't get a chance to attend.
  5. ScottyC50
    Painesville, Ohio, USA

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    I hope I can go there someday! I don't have an in...
  6. John T
    Youngstown, OH

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    Yes! Pics please! Lots of pics lol

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