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By Zack R., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Team Titleist Staff

    Titleist GT Driversthe next generation of PGA TOUR’s most played driver, launched a few weeks ago on the PGA TOUR, with 13 players immediately putting the new models in the bag at the Memorial. That number jumped 18 the following week at the 2024 US Open Championship and, most recently, 44 players teed up a GT driver at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, MI. 

    Check out some of the early impressions from Team Titleist staffers below + hear directly from Titleist product experts about their experience introducing GT drivers to the best players in the world at the Memorial Tournament. 

    Monday, June 3rd, GT Driver Tour Launch Update: 

    Wednesday, June 5th, GT Driver Tour Launch Update: 

  2. SHAWN E

    Sarasota FL

    Looking forward to getting fit for these game changers!!
  3. They look so clean as Titleist always leads the way. Biggest decision is what one will be going home after getting fit when they hit the market. #TitleistGT #CantWait #LetsGo
  4. Yes, I’m in for a New GT Driver !
    Cannot wait to get it in my Bag !
  5. First comment!!! Can’t wait for the release!!!
  6. Brad P

    Brad P
    Garland, TX

    Excited and looking forward to the release and getting fitted
  7. Gregg W

    Gregg W
    Trussville, AL

    I agree. Can’t wait to demo one.
  8. Curious on shaft selections.
  9. Same!
  10. Same!
  11. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    We did some quick testing at the Folds of Honor outing and they had most of the same shafts as they used for TSR fittings. That said, I am in the TSR3 with Tensei Blue R but hit the GT2 with MMT SpeedMesh 40 R. I am always nervous about an extremely light shaft but it allowed me to really feel the head without adding extra weight and I was hitting it great. Josh Burgbacher is a master fitter out of Carlsbad and is sooo good! He dialed me in quickly. I will still do the formal fitting when they start in Phoenix to verify this selection but I am sure we will spend most of the time getting the fairway clubs selected.
  12. Full bag Titleists. T200s, TSR1s. Curious if the new line will offer a similar lightweight head / shafts combo for us seniors with diminished swing speeds?
  13. Definitely a downgrade in looks.
  14. Have you seen what it looks like from address ?
  15. Looking forward to hearing what new materials you have put into the head, as the face material was a great on the TSr models.
    Love the look, very clean.
  16. Jeffrey B

    Jeffrey B
    weatherford, OK

    The question all of us are gonna ask….When will they be available to the public?
  17. That's exactly my thought... I'm due for an upgrade
  18. Looking forward to hitting them and getting my fitting as soon as possible.
    They look great!


    I like the GT logo. Interested to hear the tech updates because the face seems to be the same as TSi and TSR (which isn't a bad thing because they are such solid faces). Hard to beat those 2 drivers now so I'm excited to hit one of these! Def can't wait to see the fairways as well because I am in need of a 5w ASAP! #TT #TeamTitleist #GT
  20. How soon before they are available to the weekend warrior?
  21. Just added a TSR3 to my bag this spring and love the driver with the HZD Smoke shaft.

    Wondering what new technology will be heading our way with this model.
  22. Matt Z

    Matt Z
    Alpharetta, GA

    Looking forward to learning more!
  23. Very cool - have a TSi4 so very intrested in this new line up! Release date coming soon?
  24. Can’t wait !!!!!
    The best on this planet always taking it to the next level !
  25. DButler


    Looks slick and fast
  26. They look very clean, slick, modern vibes here. What are we looking at for the sound ??? Great jon once again Team Titleist
  27. Ryan L

    Ryan L
    Fort Wayne, IN

    I’ll be very curious on sound too. I’m still playing a 915 in large part due to sound and feel. I’m sacrificing about 8-10 yards but the newer TSi and TSr lack that pop off the tee. Guessing if Will Zatoris’s reaction in the promo video is any indication, maybe this new gen is something to get “crazy” excited about!
  28. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Excited to see some pictures!
  29. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA


    Eric H said:

    Excited to see some pictures!
  30. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA


    Eric H said:

    Excited to see some pictures!

    Hope they add Ventus shafts.
  31. Sure would hope so- on account of how excellent those shafts are!
  32. Sean M

    Sean M

    The wait is over! Can’t wait to hear about the upgrades
  33. Can’t wait to get the new GT driver
  34. Tom

    Rochester NY

    Yes! Any idea when these will be released to the public?
  35. Late August
  36. RRoche

    BR, LA

    I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!!!! They look great
  37. Robert C

    Robert C

    Love the name and sleek looks. Anxious to hear all the tech details at the official launch.
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