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By WCarr

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  1. WCarr

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    Thank you for inviting me into the Team!

    I took up the invitation for a club fitting at Gleneagles and, thanks to Graeme, I now have a 917D,917F and an 818! They have made a great difference to my game, drawing 'bandit!' comments from my playing partners.....praise indeed!!!

    The crowning glory is a Staff Tour bag from my pro!

    Howzat for commitment?

  2. Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

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    W Carr, that is commitment, especially with the Staff Tour bag. Your playing partners better get ready to empty their wallets! Let's see a picture of your money making weapons! Good luck!!

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    Very nice, here's to healthy addiction to all thing Titleist. :)

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    Nice set up! Glad it helped! Hard to go wrong with Titleist!
  5. Dan H
    Columbus, OH

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    Well done WCarr! Congrats on the new toys and great to hear your feedback on how much you love them!!

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