Are Titleist owners just plain nice?

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By AWells

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  1. So yesterday (Thursday) I went to the range. When I got there I saw a fellow with the stand bag (14 dividers) and it was a bag that I almost purchased it. So i complimented him on it and asked him a few questions as well. We talked Titleist bags and then he noticed my mid staff bag and he paid me the same compliment. Then he noticed my 718 Ap2s and Vokey wedges as well as the 910 D@ and 810 Hybrid. We started talking about how he wanted to switch from his swoosh to Titleist AP3 718. So asked him if he was a TT member and told him all about Titleist Thursdays. At that point I said "I should get busy here lemme grab my wallet and get some balls" Right then I noticed I had no wallet and no phone, so I said I would be right back I had to go home and get my wallet. At that moment he offered to buy me a bucket of balls ($10) I refused but he did anyways. I gratefully thanked him and we talked for about another hour and when he left he grabbed my number to hopefully get out on the links together. After that interchange, I met another fellow with a Full bag of 718 AP3 drivers and wedges. We talked about how we both got fit by Kathy Stecyk and how amazing she was. Then we got talking balls, and he asked me if I knew anything about the new AVX, so I told him everything thats on the Titleist website and directed him here, and that they were coming to Canada May 2. Turns out he worked at the pro shop at my local course :) It felt good to know the knowledge I did. Then I was putting and a fellow with his Scotty Cameron putter noticed I was struggling a bit and he just walked up to me and showed me how his Scotty was balanced, and how that affected the stroke, and then showed me with mine. This right there explained a ton of things I always wondered. So I can't thank these players enough for such a great morning and great exchanges. Also thanks to Titleist for such great content and knowledge on here.

    I have decided that when I see that fellow again that bought me the balls, I am going to give him a sleeve of my Team Titleist balls that I won from contest on here. I don't really want to give them up as they are special, but honestly that's one of the nicest things any fellow golfer has ever done for me.

    Have any of my fellow TT members experienced such kindness?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Nice story. Maybe if we all had TT stickers in our car windows we could eliminate all road rage. Seriously, I have had some similar interaction with fellow Titleist enthusiasts and agree, great bunch of people.
  3. Thanks for sharing this story, AWells! It's always great to hear how TT members are connecting with each other on the course (or the range) and sharing their love of the game.

    And thank YOU for being a part of Team Titleist.

  4. Johnny Tee

    Johnny Tee
    Mississauga, ON

    Team Titleist car stickers? Hmmm........maybe an idea there lol
  5. Awesome story dude! Love connecting with fellow Titleist enthusiasts!
  6. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Dating myself with this one, but it's like the slogan used when Honda started selling motorcycles in the US 40-50 years ago. Won't bore you with that but similarly, .......You do meet the best folks driving a Titleist. Always helpful

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