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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if you remember your first set of Titlist clubs?

    Mine were the 695CB's that I bought used. I am still using them while trying to grow the bag a few clubs a season.

    Also wondering why you got rid of the set and if you ended up selling them or still have them?

    love to know what you all think.

    Cheers, Alex

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    Mine were DCI Oversize + Gold. Won our Conference Championship with them. I actually sold them pretty cheap a few years latter when I was an assistant pro. One of the guys that worked for the superintendent wanted to get into the game. Hopefully he got plenty of enjoyment of them.
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    My first set of Titlelist irons was the Acushnet AC 108! I bought them in 1974. I wish I still had them! I let my now ex brother in law borrow them and never saw them again.
  4. Rob R
    Chicago, IL

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    My first set if Titleist irons were the 755's that I bought in 2006.

    I still have that set sitting around for buddies that come out and need clubs for the day.
  5. B.A.
    Los Gatos, CA

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    Titleist DTRs. They were my very first set of clubs. I didn't even buy them new. I bought them from a guy who ran a used golf club business out of his garage (packed garage with racks and racks) and he told me he had the perfect set for me after hitting a few. They were his son's clubs and they looked brand new.

    I fell in love and i still have them.
  6. Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

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    My first set were Titleist DCI Black irons. I purchased them new back in 94-95. What a great set of irons that served me well for many years. I just recently donated them.
  7. Dr. Kovatchian

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    My first set of Titleist Irons were set of Titleist DCI Black's that I purchased from Blackthorn Golf Club in the fall of 1994. I used my pro shop credit for taking 2nd in the South Bend City Metro Tournament A Flight....oh the memories!!!

    Dr. K
  8. Tim Tiger
    Bixby, OK

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    My first set of Titleists were Tour Model blades. Had 1i-SW in that set. Played them until I got 690 MB's that were my first set of custom fit clubs. Still have the 690's and the 1 iron from the Tour Model set is somewhere in my stuff.

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    690 CBs. I went through 4 other sets of irons trying to find a replacement (none were Titleist). Finally found them in the AP3s.
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    718 AP3s...still have them! ;-)
  11. Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

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    Mine were irons I had back in high school 1979-1981, don't remember the number or name but they had the heel & toe weight on the irons really loved them too. Then in 1984 I went away from Titleist clubs & then came back in 2014 with 712Ap1, 910 D2 driver & 54 & 58 Vokey SM4 wedges
  12. Paul C

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    718 AP3's, have had other makes but decided to have a fitting for these and love them. Also added SM6 wedges, 917D3 and 917F2 (Although a 58 degree D Grind SM7 will be added soon after a recent fitting).
    Will not be going anywhere else for clubs as I love these and the help and advise from Team Titleist members is something very special. I don't see that anywhere else and it is nice to be a part of.
  13. John B
    Kenmore, NY

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    907 Driver and 962 Irons started me off. But have always played Titleist balls going back to my HS days (1979-80)... The Red Titleist script with DT over the script.
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    712 AP2's and still have them. I like them so much that I can't talk myself into a new set!
  15. Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

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    DTR 3-PW
  16. Jeremy L
    Many, LA

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    My were the Titleist DCI 981 and loved them!!! 975 driver and fairway woods. I was still using the 981 2 iron until 2007.
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    I am getting fitted for mine at a Titleist Thursday event in 2 days!! AP3s

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